Experience Builder Steps

In the Qualified Experience builder you'll use Steps as build blocks to create not only unique experiences for your visitors on your website, but also use these Steps to quickly alert your team to qualified visitors using Slack, Email, or Sound alerts.

A Step is an action within your Qualified Experience whether that be asking a visitor a question, adding branching for logic, notifying your sales team via a voice alert of a qualified visitor, or giving your visitors an option to chat immediately with your team.

In this guide, we’ll go over each Experience Builder Step and how to use it to create a seamless and effective experience for your visitor and sales team.

Conversation Steps

Conversation steps allow for you to interact with your visitors, gain information about them, and offer up meeting times.

Conversation options.

Show Custom Greeting

A custom greeting will appear when your visitor enters your site or the page that you’ve designated your experience to show up on. Typically, this will be the first thing they see, so you’ll want to make your message as engaging and friendly as possible.

Custom greetings in the builder

Send a Message

When creating your experiences there will be times when you don’t necessarily want your visitors to take any action, but you’d like to send them a message while they make their way down your experience flow. To do this, you’ll select to send a message to your visitors.

Sending a message to your visitor.

You can also send a message to your visitors to break up your conversation, making your experience more human.

Notice the experience below where we’ve sent a message followed by a question to break up the messages the visitor is receiving.

Message in the builder.

Ask a Question

Asking a question to your visitors gives you a chance to fill out information about them that you otherwise couldn’t get from a data enrichment tool such as Clearbit Reveal or 6sense. We have two different options when asking a question:

  1. Ask a custom question (this can just be used for branching within your Experience) or
  2. Ask a question to populate your current visitor field (this can also be used in your branching)

The most common first question will typically be to ask your visitor for their email address, so that:

  1. You can add this visitor as a Lead into Salesforce and 
  2. You’ll be able to get more information about them using Clearbit Enrichment once you have their email address.
Asking a question in the builder.

Offer a Meeting

You can offer a meeting at any time during your build out of your experience. The meeting booker is connected directly to your Google or Outlook calendar to allow for visitors to select a time when your team is available to talk.

Oftentimes you’ll see this option appear as a fallback if sales teams aren’t available for immediate chat, as shown in the experience below.

Offering a meeting in the builder.

General Steps

General Steps in the Builder.

Set Value on Visitor Field

With this step you’re able to set visitor field values during an experience. For example, setting a field labeled ‘chat’ to ‘true’ and later syncing that into Salesforce, or creating a field to keep track of your Lead Source.

Setting a visitor field value.

Route for Inbound Chat

You’ll want to use this step to get your visitors to the right users on your team by either allowing visitors to live chat with your team or route them to your meeting booker if no one is available.

You’ll notice when you select this step, we’ll do some work for you to make sure that you have the correct branching in place. We’ll first check to see if your users are available for chat with the visitor and if not, give them the option to book a meeting.

Route for Inbound chat in the experience builder.


The Branch step allows for you to create logic based on custom questions that you’ve asked previously in the Experience. Use this logic to move your visitors through different branches of your Experience such as live chat, booking a meeting, or use branching to allow certain visitors to skip the line and get in touch with your team immediately based on data enrichment information.

Branching in the experience builder.

Open the Messenger

This step allows for you to automatically open the Qualified messenger for your visitors, rather than relying on them to open it up first. This works great when using Qualified for Conversational Content and allows for you to additionally control whether or not your visitors can close Qualified on their own.

Open the messenger in the builder.

See an example of how we use this option on our website books below.

Jump to a Step

Jumping to another step allows for you to move your visitors quickly to another part of your experience that has previously been created.  For example, let’s say you’re using branching to take your visitors down one side of your experience, but they need to be routed back to chat with your sales team. You can do this by adding a Jump step which will automatically move them back up, or down your experience.

Run a Block

Similar to the jump, running a block can help you quickly skip your visitor to another portion of your experience. Blocks are certain actions that you can group together to use throughout multiple Experiences in Qualified. This helps you save time, so that you’re not recreating that same group of actions multiple times for different Experiences. Learn more about creating blocks.

Running a block in the experience builder.


The Navigate step will automatically redirect your visitors to another URL once they hit this step. For example, use this step to navigate your visitors to gated content after collecting their email address.

Navigate step.

Track an Event

If you have Google Analytics or Facebook conversion tracking set up, you most likely want to track which visitors converted after interacting with your Qualified bot or a sales rep via the live chat option. You can use the 'Track an Event' step to track which visitors converted after using your Qualified.com app within your Google Analytics or Facebook conversation tracker.

Tracking an event step in the builder.


Notifications within your Experience allow for you to notify your sales team when someone important is on your website or when they have made it to a certain step within your experience. For example, alert your team when an open opportunity is on the site or a visitor fits certain criteria such as large employee size.

Notification in the experience builder.

App Alert

Send an app alert allows for you to send a sound or voice alert to your team via the Qualified app.

Slack Alert

Send a Slack alert gives you the option to configure an alert to go straight into a Slack channel or to direct message team members.

Email Alert

Send an email alert to let a rep know that a visitor is on the site. The email will come from "app@qualified-alerts.com" and can include all the visitor fields that you've included in the experience.


The final option in your Experience Builder allows for you to push data into Pardot or Salesforce as well as configure certain aspects of how you'd like the data pushed as well as adding additional Campaign Attribution.

Integration steps available in the builder.

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