How Sales Reps Use Live View

Sales reps use LiveView for three primary purposes. In this guide we'll review how sales reps use LiveView to accomplish the following:

  1. Understand buying intent
  2. Intelligently initiate a conversation
  3. Intelligently respond to an inbound message

1) Understand Buying Intent

First, they use it when looking for qualified prospects to proactively engage with. LiveView tells a story of buying intent, and when you start to see patterns on your website that indicate buying intent, it's a good opportunity to engage with leads and try to get a conversation started. As we often say, when you can see everything, the best sales reps know how to effectively start a conversation. Here's an example of how you can read the LiveView timeline to get a sense of product interest and buying intent:

Reading the LiveView browsing timeline to gauge buying intent

2) Intelligently Initiate a Conversation

When a sales rep notices the browsing history and can see the LiveView, they can open a conversation intelligently with questions about the page the lead is looking at and get the conversation started, faster:

A sales rep proactively Initiating a conversation with a qualified lead

3) Intelligently Respond to an Inbound Conversation

Finally, LiveView is great for providing context when one of your qualified leads initiates a conversation with one of your reps. Imagine an inbound chat starting with "Hello, I have some questions..." When you can see exactly what page they're on, and exactly what they're looking at, you can be prepared with some idea of what they will be asking and have an idea as to how to best guide the conversation. It's like having the questions to the final exam before you walk into the room!


LiveView is one of the most exciting features of Qualified because it shows you a live browsing session of a qualified prospect on your website. For years there have been website analytics tools for marketers with heat maps, log files, click trails, funnel maps, and the like. But there has never been a way to make sense of who is on the site right now and there has never been a way to literally see what they're doing. In short, there has never been a website analytics tool built for sales people by sales people, until now.

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