Integrate Your Google Analytics & Facebook Conversion Trackers with Qualified

If you have Google Analytics or Facebook conversion tracking set up, you most likely want to track which visitors converted after interacting with your Qualified bot or a sales rep via the live chat option. 

In this guide we’ll walk you through how to configure event tracking in Qualified and the basics of how the integration works for both systems below.

Before getting started, please contact our support team to get this option added to your account.

Configure in Qualified

The configuration in Qualified is super simple as we’ll do all of the heavy lifting for you by automatically reading your Google Analytics or Facebook conversion trackers. 

To get started, open up one of your experiences that you’d like to edit and look for the meaningful step(s) within your experience that you’d like to then create an event for within GA or Facebook. This could be: booking a meeting, collecting an email address,  creating a Lead in Salesforce, or creating a Prospect in Pardot for example.

Once you’ve decided on what that meaningful step is within your experience, you’ll want to create a new step directly beneath it as shown below by selecting the “Track an Event” option.

Track Event Step in Qualified

After you’ve finished adding the “Track an Event” step you’ll want to save your experience. The setup is now complete and you can begin testing to ensure your events are tracking correctly in Google Analytics and Facebook.

Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics has a few ways in which you can add their trackers to your website: Javascript snippets or via their tag manager. Qualified will work with either of these options without needing to configure anything else in your Google Analytics account.

The Qualified snippet will automatically detect Google Analytics on your website and send events to it. When a visitor interacts with your bot or sales rep via our live chat option, all events will be tracked under the Event Category called "Qualified Chat" within your account.

Google Analytics category for Qualified.com events.

Additionally, as we mentioned above, you can add more events depending on actions taken by your visitor such as booking a meeting, generating a Lead in Salesforce, or capturing an email address.

Event tracking within Google Analytics.

Google Tag Manager

If you use Google Tag Manager you can add the Qualified.com javascript code along with any other third party scripts you might have. To do this you’ll want to go over to your messenger settings to grab the javascript.

The javascript snippet is a small piece of code that, once installed on your site, will be able to recognize visitors and communicate to the Qualified application to take appropriate actions. It's important to note that each javascript snippet has a token that is unique to your account .The javascript snippet looks like this:


Facebook Conversion Tracker

Just as with Google Analytics Qualified will automatically look for your Facebook conversion tracker on your website. We’ll track Facebook events that come in as custom events using the pixel function.

In order for us to add events to your Facebook conversion tracker, you will want to make sure that the Facebook pixel code is added to your website wherever you need to track conversions.

As visitors come to your site and interact with the Qualified app, we’ll add the event as a custom event under ‘sharedDiscount' with the event name that you've specified in your Qualified experience.


Qualified works with Google Analytics and Facebook conversion tracker to help you know which visitors from your site interacted with your Qualified chat bot or sales rep. We do the heavy lifting for you by identifying the GA or Facebook tracker while you just add the step where you'd like for us to track the event in your experience.

Next Steps

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