Demandbase Integration

Qualified offers a direct integration with Demandbase, allowing you to connect to your Target Accounts right on your website. Using Demandbases’s reverse IP lookup you can quickly alert your sales team to target accounts on your website, create specific custom experiences for those visitors, and gather more information about what those visitors are looking for on your site.

In this guide we’ll go over how to connect to your Demandbase account and start using the Demandbase integration within Qualified in three steps:

  1. Connect to Demandbase in Qualified
  2. Set Up Your Demandbase Field Layout
  3. Add Demandbase information to your Visitor Fields

Connecting to Demandbase

When you connect to Demandbase we’ll use the Demandbase API to access your target accounts and pull in information about the visitors on your site based off their IP address. Demandbase provides standard company information out of the box which you can display within Qualified once connected to your Demandbase account. We’ll go over how to add those fields to your layout in Qualified below.

To get started with your connection, you’ll want to make your way in your Qualified account to Integrations > Demandbase > Connect

Once here you’ll want to press to connect and input your Demandbase server-side API key. You’ll want to note in order to get the server-side specific API you’ll need to contact your Demandbase customer success manager or the Demandbase support team.

Demandbase connection using the server-side API key.

Setting Up Your Demandbase Field Layout

Setting up your Demandbase field layout will determine what fields from Demandbase your sales team will see within Qualified. Demandbase has standard firmographic account watch attributes that they provide via their API. You can pull any of these fields into Qualified.

You’ll want to keep in mind that any custom fields added in your Demandbase account will not be available within Qualified.

Once connected to Demandbase you’ll see the “Field Layout” option appear right below in the navigation. Click on this to begin customizing your field layout and select which fields from Demandbase you’d like to show.

Demandbase Field Layout

Adding Demandbase Information to Visitor Fields

Finally, add Demandbase fields to your visitor fields. Visitor fields are the fields in Qualified where you will store everything you wish to track and know about your website visitors. Visitor fields contain information you might gather through chatting/talking to a lead directly, information they might have given you explicitly through a lead form or bot, or other info that might be pulled from an external system, such as Demandbase.

Pulling in information from Demandbase will also allow for you to sync this information easily to your Salesforce leads as they are created.

To gather information from Demandbase in your Visitor Fields you’ll want to head over to your Qualified Visitor Fields. You can select to create new fields, or add Demandbase as a source to your existing fields.

Demandbase as a source in visitor fields.


You can connect to your Demandbase account within Qualified in three quick steps: connecting using your server-sideAPI key, configuring your field layout, and finally making sure your visitor fields are referencing Demandbase so that Qualified can pull in even more visitor information from your Demandbase target accounts.

Next Steps

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