Integrate Your Qualified Account with Slack

Qualified’s Slack integration helps you instantly alert your sales reps when hot prospects arrive on your site so they can quickly take action and start a conversation.

How it works:

  • Send a channel message the moment a qualified prospect or target account lands on your site
  • Direct message specific sales reps when their accounts have arrived on your site
  • Direct message anyone in your organization regardless of having a Qualified login or not
  • Direct message owners of a Salesforce Account, Contact, or Lead as soon as that visitor hits the website
  • Give your sales team a complete picture of qualified website visitors, from Title to Company, right inside of Slack, shaping hyper-personalized sales conversations

In this guide we’ll show you how to connect to Slack and configure your integration within your experience builder.

Connecting to Slack

To get started you’ll want to first connect your Qualified.com account to your Slack account using OAuth. OAuth is an open standard for access delegation, commonly used as a way for Internet users to grant websites or applications access to their information on other websites but without giving them the passwords.

To find the connection page, use the navigation on the left hand side of your Qualified account to browse to your Slack integration: Settings > Integrations >Slack.

Connecting to Slack will allow for Qualified to send notifications to your Slack channels and individual Slack users which we will configure at a later step. Once connected, users will be automatically connected to receive Slack alerts, if their email address in Qualified matches their email address in Slack.
Slack connection options.

You’ll notice two different ways to connect here to Slack once on the Slack integration page: Individual Slack Connection & Team-level Connection. 

Team Connection: This connection will allow Qualified to connect to your Slack workspace. It authorizes Qualified to send notifications and private messages to the users that you’ll configure in the next step. You'll want to note that you do not have to be the Slack workspace administrator to connect your team here unless your Slack workspace is configured in such a way that you'll need to request access from your admin. We'll go over that below.

Individual Connection: This connection gives Qualified your Slack user ID. This will allow Qualified to know who to send direct messages to. Keep in mind if you connect your individual slack connection here, you'll also be sent a direct message when someone is routed to you in Qualified.

After you press connect you’ll want to agree to allow for Qualified to access your Slack account as shown below.

Connecting to Slack.
If you don’t see the “Allow” button, your Workspace Owner may need to approve of the Qualified app (documentation here). Request access by submitting your request on the screen. Your Slack workspace admin will automatically get the request within Slack and you'll be notified when the integration is approved.


Once you’re connected to Slack you can begin configuring your integration by going into your experience builder and selecting the experience you’d like to add Slack alerts to first.

Select to add a step in your experience and scroll down to find the option for adding an alert as shown below.

Selecting the Slack alert option.

Keep in mind you’ll most likely want to add some qualification rules before your alert, unless you’d like to be notified of all web traffic.

For example: You might want to notify your sales team in Slack if visitors on the site belong to companies of 500+ employees OR you might want to alert your sales team  if any visitors are on your pricing page.

Sending a Slack Alert.

You can also use the Slack integration to your advantage to alert your team to visitors on your site that might be part of an open Opportunity, using the settings seen below.

Open Opportunity Trigger Setup.

Once you’ve selected to send an alert you’ll notice within the step a few settings for Slack that you can configure:

Alert Message: You’ll want to place the alert that you’d like to show up in Slack here. If you’re using our voice sound alerts, this will also be what is announced.

Reps/People/Channel to alert: You can choose here which reps to alert or leave it blank to have the alert just post in the Slack channel you’ve selected below. If you select certain reps (or groups) those individuals will receive a direct message in Slack if they have used OAuth in the previous step to give us access to their Slack user id.

You can also choose to alert people within your organization who are not users in Qualified by simply selecting the "Salesforce User" option.

Sound: You can select for a sound alert to go off as well when this step is reached by a visitor. We have an overview of all of our sounds in our sound alert guide.

Slack: Here are the options specifically for Slack itself. You can choose to send a message to the reps selected above who are connected to Slack or choose to have the alert go into one or more Slack rooms. At this time, Qualified does not support sending messages to private Slack rooms.

Customize Slack Message Body: This option allows for you to change the default message provided in Slack, including adding any other variable tags you'd like.

We recommend leaving this message body blank and we'll automatically fill in all fields available for this visitor as shown below.
Slack alert step

Slack View

When you’re done configuring your Slack settings you’ll want to do a few test runs to make sure all of your alerts are working as expected.

Within Slack your alerts will start to appear in the channels and directly to the reps that you’ve selected, which will look similar to what you see below. Click on “View in Qualified” to go directly to the visitor in Qualified.

Qualified.com alert in Slack.


Integrating Qualified with Slack allows you to send alerts about website visitors via Slack to individual team members or directly to a Slack channel. You can easily configure your Slack alert within your experience builder and add branching to send alerts about only the most qualified leads.

Next Steps

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