Introduction to ABM and Qualified

Account-based marketing (ABM) allows companies to target marketing efforts to certain, target accounts. A target account is a defined set of accounts that reflect your ideal customer profile (industry, vertical size, employee count, purchasing power, etc.) This is in contrast to creating and launching generic campaigns that serve the masses.

For example, you might have a large corporation like Apple as a customer. You might serve multiple teams in multiple capacities, and have a specific account executive that works with the Apple account.

Using ABM, you can develop specific strategies and campaigns that target the Apple account. For example, you could launch a targeted digital advertising with copy that is specifically geared towards Apple employees, such as. "See how we can help Apple improve efficiency." This campaign could retarget Apple employees on Google, LinkedIn, or via email. 

You might then send them custom swag and invite them to an intimate event specifically focused on how their solution can help Apple.

This approach works well for companies that work with large enterprises, as many have 100 or more target accounts. These target accounts may make up substantial portions of revenue, so they’re worth treating with care.

Pulling in visitor information from Salesforce.


So, How does ABM work with Qualified?

ABM helps you connect with the right prospects from key target accounts. Qualified helps you connect with these target accounts immediately as soon as they land on your site.

With Qualified you can:

  • Identify who visitors are and if they are one of your target accounts
  • Alert your sales team quickly to target accounts on your site
  • Roll out the red carpet for your ABM visitors so give them a direct line to your sales team.
  • Personalize your conversational marketing experience based off the data collected by Qualified about your ABM visitors.
  • And finally, nurture open ABM opportunities with all of the information pulled in from Salesforce right into your sales reps live chat on the website.


Account-based marketing is a surefire way to build relationships with key accounts. Using ABM, you can create personalized campaigns, drive more sales, and ultimately run a more efficient and profitable marketing and sales organization.

If you leverage Conversational Marketing within the context of your larger ABM strategy, you’ll be able to provide a stellar sales experience to your target accounts by being in the right place at the right time. Using Qualified, you can easily identify who these target account visitors are on your website and start a conversation with them immediately.

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