Introduction to Analytics & the Dashboard

The Qualified Dashboard provides a break down of your website traffic and displays how those visitors interacted with Qualified during their visitor sessions. Within the Qualified Dashboard you'll also be able to view your sales team's availability as well as a leaderboard displaying who has interacted with and created the most Leads from your visitors.

In this guide we’ll provide a thorough understanding of your Qualified dashboard and the analytics that we provide within the app.

Dashboard Definitions

Below we'll define terms specific to Qualified that you'll see in the various dashboard tiles. These sections reveal important information about your website visitors and their interactions with Qualified.

The Qualified Dashboard displaying the number of sessions, experiences, and various rep interactions
Viewing the top of the Qualified dashboard.

Sessions: A Session is defined as every time a visitor is on the website. A Session will end for a visitor when they are idle for more than 60 minutes OR a visitor has left your site for 5 minutes before coming back. A visitor can have multiple sessions on your website.

Experiences: An Experience is the Qualified message and flow that you've created to show up on a particular page, for a particular visitor set, or triggered by a button or form on your website.

Waiting for Reps: This is defined by Qualified as any visitor who has hit your Route for Inbound Chat step within your experience and waited for a rep to pick up the conversation. This includes all visitors who were shown the meeting booker (no reps available), visitors who waited and did not receive a chat (reps available but did not start a conversation), and those visitors who did have a conversation with your sales team.

Conversations: A conversation is defined as a back and forth interaction between a visitor and either a human rep on your team or the Qualified chatbot.

Using Your Dashboard

Before you begin looking at your data, you’ll want to select a date range. Use the date picker on the top right corner of your dashboard to select the dates you’d like to filter your data by.

Calendars displaying a selected date range from January 1st to March 12th
Select the date range you'd like to view in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Business Hours in Session Reports

Qualified allows you to report on sessions created solely during business hours. This feature may require you to contact your Success Architect to enable. Once enabled, you will see the "Business Hours" setting page under your Team Calendar. After adding your team's business hours and default time zone, reports that use the "Started at" or "Ended at" filters will include an "is during business hours" operator.

Session reports allow for filtering on pre-defined team business hours.

Dashboard Tiles

To see more detail behind each number in your dashboard, click the number in the tile to open a related report in the Reports section of Qualified. Each report will show the visitor sessions that correspond with the tile during the date range you've selected.

Does your dashboard look different? Don't worry! Most likely you're on an older version of Qualified and we'll work with you to get updated. Contact your Qualified Success Architect to get it or email our Technical Support Team for more information.

Salesforce Lead Sessions

The large number on this tile represents the number of sessions on your site that a Lead has had. Meaning, one Lead could have multiple sessions within your time range (that's a good thing!) and we will count them all here.

Qualified Analytics Tile showing 19 lead sessions
Salesforce Lead Sessions shown on the dashboard.

The two smaller numbers you see will show you:

  1. The number of conversations that occurred between the Qualified chatbot or your sales reps and the Lead visitor
  2. How many new Leads were created by Qualified

Salesforce Contact & Account Sessions

In these two tiles you will see how many sessions visitors recognized as a Contact or part of an Account have had on your site as well as the individual conversations had by the visitors during those sessions. Qualified does not create Contacts or Accounts.

Meetings Booked

In this tile you'll be able to see all sessions where meetings were booked with a visitor. The break down on this tile shows both meetings that were offered up by reps as well as those booked via a chatbot experience. Click on the numbers to drill down and see which reps offered the meetings as well as which experiences are capturing the most meetings.

Dashboard Charts

The dashboard tiles give an overview of each metric tracked by Qualified. The first tiles you see at the top give you an overview and overall number of each metric while the tiles below will show you differences over time.


Each time an experience is triggered on your site, we’ll count it here. This does not necessarily mean that a visitor has clicked on your experience, rather that it was triggered for a visitor.

Scroll down to the very bottom of your dashboard to see a break down of which experience has been the most engaging to your visitors.

Bar graph displaying the number of experiences shown vs total visitors over the selected time period
Experiences on the Dashboard.


You can see how many conversations your team has had by hovering over each day to see more details as well as a break down of your conversations by bots or reps.

Bar graph displaying the number of conversions with both reps and bots
Conversations on the Dashboard.

Conversations with Reps

Next to your overall conversations break down you’ll see a bar chart that breaks down visitor conversations with your reps: outbound vs. inbound. Outbound conversations are those that have been started by your reps while inbound conversations are those first started by your visitors.

Bar graph displaying a breakdown of total inbound and outbound conversations each day
Conversations with Reps on the Dashboard.

Meetings Booked

Meetings booked will show you how many visitors have engaged with your experiences and booked a meeting with one of your reps. This could mean that the meeting booker was triggered by a bot, or manually given to the visitor by a rep themselves. Hover over the bar chart to see more details on each day shown.

Bar chart displaying meetings and total meetings offered over time
Meetings booked on the Dashboard.

Waited for Reps

Waited for Reps tiles show which visitors have hit your qualified routing rules that have been set in your experience and have waited to speak with someone on your team. You’ll notice these rules when you open up your experience and see the Qualify and Route step pictured below.  Hover over the bars in the chart to see how many sessions took place during that day vs. how many visitors waited to speak with your sales team.

Qualify and Route for Conversation step in the Experience Builder
Qualification rules in the Experience Builder.
Bar chart displaying the number of sessions who waited for reps vs total sessions over time
Dashboard tile showing all visitors who waited to speak with a rep on your team.

Leads Created

Next in your dashboard you’ll see how many leads have been created from your experiences. You’ll only see this piece of your dashboard when you use Salesforce to sync your visitors as Leads. 

Bar chart displaying the total Leads created, broken down between automatic creations and created by reps
Leads created in the Dashboard.

Prospects Created

If you use Pardot to sync your Prospects you'll see a section in your dashboard for Prospects created from Qualified. We'll give you a break down of how many of these Prospects were created automatically using the rules in your experiences, or created by your reps manually.

Bar chart displaying the number of prospects created, broken down between automatically created and created by reps.
Prospects created in the Dashboard.


Within your Qualified Dashboard we’ll show you a break down of your website traffic and how those visitor sessions have interacted with Qualified through statistics on: Experiences, Conversations, Meetings booked, Leads Created, and Prospects created. We also provide you a leaderboard of who on your team is interacting with your visitors the most and which Experiences are the most engaging. 

Next Steps

Break down the numbers further through detailed Conversation Flow Analytics within each Experience:

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