Introduction to Clearbit

Qualified helps you build experiences for your known users, semi-known users, and those visitors to your website who are still unknown to you. While Qualified straight out of the box easily searches for known contacts, leads, and prospects, adding in the power of Clearbit data sourcing will help you gather information on those visitors you might not know. Since Salesforce is the backbone of your business, using Clearbit will ensure you’re adding prospects and leads with the correct information every time into your Salesforce system.

What is Clearbit

Clearbit is a data source that helps pull information about your anonymous website visitors to give you a better view of who they are and helps you better determine what experience you’d like for them to have on your site.

Clearbit has two products that help you better understand your anonymous web traffic: Reveal and Enrichment.

Clearbit Reveal

Clearbit Reveal detects anonymous IP addresses and turns them into domains with a full company profile. Used with Qualified, this allows your sales teams to see more information about the visitors on your site as well as helps you know where to route these individuals based on the company information Clearbit provides.

Clearbit Enrichment

Clearbit Enrichment uses the email addresses you’ve collected from your visitors to give you a better idea of who that person is based on the information they’ve provided to you in your Qualified experience. See how this works in real time and why using Clearbit Enrichment is so compelling.


Clearbit is a powerful tool and when used with Qualified can help you identify who your anonymous website visitors are so that you can route your most qualified prospects and leads to your reps immediately.

Next Steps

Learn more about each Clearbit product and how to connect your Clearbit account to Qualified.

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