Introduction to Custom Dashboards

In this article, learn how to create and use custom dashboards to better analyze website visitors, sales rep performance or conversion metrics.

After this article, you’ll be able to:

1. Create custom dashboards in Qualified.

2. Customize and filter dashboard tiles

As a sales manager or marketer, you likely live, eat and breathe reports and dashboards. Qualified makes it easy to create custom dashboards that you can use to understand your website visitors, rep performance or information about interactions, conversations and more.

Getting Started

  1. First, navigate to the Analytics section in Qualified (identified by the service bar icon). Once there, click the plus (+) sign next to Dashboards.
Select the "+" sign next to Dashboards in the Analytics section.
  1. Here, you'll select the applicable tiles, dashboard name, and filters. You can always add a new tile by clicking the “add tile” button.
Select the "add tile" button to add new tiles to your custom dashboard.

Dashboard Tiles

Tiles are categorized into three areas: Overview, Rep Performance and Conversion Events. Note that you can also use the search bar in the top right of the tile selector to search for a specific data point you are looking for.


Here you’ll find the experience leaderboard and top-level detail about sessions. A session is each time a visitor arrives on the website. A session will end for a visitor after they are idle for more than 60 minutes or if they have left your site for 5 minutes before coming back. A visitor can have multiple sessions on your website.

Rep Performance

Here you’ll find helpful tiles such as the rep leaderboard, inbound chat leaderboard and availability heatmap. You’ll also be able to drill into helpful data points such as pounce attempts or inbound chat conversations.

Conversion events

Here you’ll find tiles around total conversations, total calls or meetings offered. These data points are often the most critical since they can show visitors that have converted to be a Lead or have otherwise had a conversation with your team or meeting booked.

Most dashboards can be clicked into and will drill down into a report showing you the individual records referenced.

Customizing Dashboard Tiles

After clicking into a specific tile, you will be able to customize it to your liking including changing the title, color or icon. For some tiles, you will also be able to change it between a number, graph or heat map view. Keep checking as our team is focused on delivering new features for custom dashboards each week.

You can move a dashboard tile by clicking the square icon in the top left of the tile and customize it by clicking the sliders in the top right of the tile.

Filtering Dashboard Tiles

To filter dashboard tiles, you can select the filter icon. Here you can focus on sessions that occurred anytime, during the business hours set in your settings or outside business hours. You can also include only sessions from visitors that match a specific filter.

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