Introduction to the Meeting Booker

The meeting booker allows for your qualified leads to easily book meetings on the calendars of your sales reps. Whether the reps are online or not, we’ll allow for you to show the booker to your visitors for an easy way for them to pick the most convenient time to have a conversation with you.

In this guide we’ll go over the basics of how the meeting booker works, what it looks like in your qualified messenger, and how to customize your meeting times.

Meeting Booker Basics

In order to use the meeting booker you’ll want to make sure that your calendar and your sales teams calendars are connected to Qualified. You can do this by going into Settings > Calendar and either hooking into Google or Microsoft Outlook calendars.

Once your calendar is synced we’ll then know which times you’re available or unavailable for meetings and display those available times accordingly. 

Note that any times you do not want meetings booked by Qualified should be marked as 'Busy' within your Google or Microsoft Outlook calendars. If you have an event on your calendar but it is set to 'Free' a meeting can be booked at that time.

Displaying the Meeting Booker

There are two ways in which you can display the meeting booker to your visitors: 

Triggered in your Experience or Manually triggering the booker during a conversation with your visitor. We’ll go over both of these options below.

Triggered In Your Experience

What if your sales teams is offline for the night but you still want to make sure your visitors from across the ocean can connect with you? You’ll most likely want to show the meeting booker to those Qualified leads so that they can easily still book a meeting with your team. This is where building the meeting booker in your experience comes into play. 

When creating an experience use the “Qualify & Route” step and we’ll automatically add two options to this step: chat immediately with a rep OR if one is not available show the meeting booker.

Meeting Booker in the Experience.

To learn more on how you can custom configure the routing of which reps calendar will appear, you’ll want to read more on our routing guide specifically.

Manually Showing the Booker

Reps can also manually show the meeting booker as well at any time during a conversation. Not only can they share their own calendar, but let’s say they know someone else owns the account they are talking to, they can share the other reps calendar as well.

To show the meeting booker just click on the calendar option on the lower left hand corner while in the messenger. You can then select to show your calendar or anyone else’s on your team.

Clicking on the calendar option to show the meeting booker.

Customize Meeting Times

You can also customize your meeting times, the time in between meetings, and your availability. To do this, cruise over to your Settings > Calendar and scroll below to see your settings.

In the following steps, set up your availability, minimum meeting notice, and the buffer that you’ll need in between meetings.

Calendar Availability Options


Qualified will automatically adjust the timezone of the meeting booker to show the visitor open meeting times in their timezone. We'll decipher their timezone based off the visitors browser settings.

Qualified end users can set their timezone in their profile under Settings > Profile as shown below.

Setting timezone.
Are your meetings not showing up in the right Time Zone on your Outlook calendar? Most likely your calendar settings are in UTC (Universal Time Zone). Check to make sure you've unchecked the "Timezone" box on your calendar events and that you've set your correct timezone in Outlook.


In this guide you've learned how to set up your meeting booker to trigger in your experiences, how to manually trigger the booker, and configure your calendar settings.

Next Steps

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