Introduction to the Rep Performance Dashboard

Your sales team is the cornerstone of your success with Qualified. The Rep Performance Dashboard allows for you and your team to break down metrics that mean the most to your success including:

  • Visitor Sessions routed to reps for pouncing (proactive engagement)
  • Successful pounce conversations
  • Visitor Sessions where a visitor waited for a rep to join the chat
  • When reps were available throughout the day
  • Visitor Sessions that waited for a chat and had a successful conversation with a rep
  • Visitor Sessions that waited for a chat and had no conversation
  • Total rep availability 

In this guide, we’ll walk through each metric and how to understand each dashboard tile.

Getting Started

To get started, navigate as an administrator to Settings > Analytics > Rep Performance within your Qualified instance. 

Navigating to the Rep Performance dashboard within Qualified

Set your date range by using the date picker on the right hand side of your screen to select the dates you wish to view.

Notice when selecting a data point on the first dashboard tile it will set the same corresponding date and time data point across all tiles. Use this to keep track of the same timeframe across multiple tiles of information.

Dashboard Definitions

Below we'll define terms specific to Qualified that you'll see in the various dashboard tiles. These sections reveal important information about your website visitors and their interactions with Qualified.

Sessions: A Session is defined as every instance a Visitor is on the website. A Session will end for a visitor when they are idle for more than 60 minutes OR a visitor has left your site for 5 minutes before coming back. A visitor can have multiple sessions on your website.

Waiting for Reps: This is defined by Qualified as any visitor who has hit your Qualify and Route node within your experience and waited for a rep to pick up the conversation. This includes all visitors who were shown the meeting booker (no reps available), visitors who waited and did not receive a chat (reps available but did not start a conversation), and those visitors who did have a conversation with your sales team.

Conversations: A conversation is defined as a back and forth interaction between a visitor and either a human rep on your team or the Qualified chatbot.

Pounce: Pouncing is a Qualified coined term meaning to proactively engage with a visitor before they have actively asked for chat with a representative. Usually determined via onsite routing rules, your reps will see the most high value visitors in their Live Stream and have the opportunity to proactively engage. 

Sessions Routed to Reps for Pouncing

Viewing the dashboard tile for Sessions Waiting for Rep for Pouncing

Use this dashboard tile to track how many visitors were routed to your sales rep. Click on a tile within the dashboard to see more details, including the exact visitor count within the hour. 

See a drill down of the visitor details by clicking on the date on the top of each column. This will take you to all visitors routed for conversations during this day including which experiences they received. 

Note the times in the dashboard will reflect the timezone set in your Qualified profile.

Successful Pounce Conversations

Successful conversations from pouncing on visitors tile

The next dashboard shows how many of your sales reps attempted to pounce on your visitors and had a successful conversation with them. Notice the data tile you’ve selected follows you to the next tile making it easy to see the successful attempts during the same time frame.

Sessions Waited for Reps to Join

Viewing the dashboard tile showing visitor sessions that waited for a conversation.

When a visitor hits your “Qualify and Route” step within an experience they’ll be routed to your sales team according to the routing rules set within your account. This dashboard will show how many visitors hit that step and then waited for a representative to join the conversation, regardless if they were shown the meeting booker or engaged in live conversation.

Reps Available

Viewing the dashboard tile showing total rep availability during the time selected.

The Reps Available dashboard shows all reps that were available at each hour throughout a day.

Note that at this time it’s not possible to drill down into each tile to see which reps were available during the time selected.

Session Waited and Had a Conversation

Viewing the dashboard tile that shows visitor sessions that waited and had a conversation with a rep.

This dashboard tile shows you how many visitor sessions hit your "Qualify and Route" node within your experience or were otherwise routed to your sales team and successfully had a conversation with someone on your team.

Sessions Waited and Had no Conversation

Viewing the dashboard tile showing how many visitor sessions waited for a conversation and did not have one with your sales team.

This last dashboard tile will show the number of sessions were had during your selected date range where a visitor was routed for chat but a rep never picked up. At this time either a meeting could have been booked, or the visitor could have left the site without a chat or meeting being booked. 

Click on the date on the top of each column to drill down into a report of the tile to see more information about these visitors, including to see if they booked a meeting. This tile reports a good metric for measuring the preparedness of your sales team. If there are many visitors in these tiles, it may be a good indication that your team should ensure their sound alerts are on to jump on a conversation as soon as a visitor has been routed for chat and that the Qualified console is properly staffed.

Rep Availability

Qualified will show you how often and how long reps have been available. Hover over the blue 'available' markers to see the times the rep turned themselves to 'available' and when they went offline. You'll notice two important numbers from this availability is also carried over to your Leaderboard tile "Total Available Hours" and "Avg. Daily Hours."

Table displaying rows of reps and their availability on Qualified over time
Total rep availability within Qualified.

Sales Rep Leaderboard

At the bottom of your dashboard you'll see a leaderboard showing which of your reps are engaging the most with your visitors. This includes:

  • Pounces (or proactive engagement with visitors)
  • Conversations (routed and proactive)
  • Percentage of proactive engagements that resulted in a conversation with a visitor
  • Calls completed with a visitor in the console
  • Number of meetings offered
  • Number of meetings booked
  • Number of Leads or Prospects created
  • Total Available hours on the Qualified console
Table with rows of reps showing statistics of their engagement with site visitors
Sales Rep Leaderboard in Qualified showing all user metrics.


The Qualified Rep Performance dashboard gives you a detailed overview of your sales team success and availability using Qualified and allows for you and your team to break down metrics that mean the most to your success.

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