Microsoft Calendar Connection

The Qualified meeting booker allows for your qualified visitors to easily book meetings on the calendars of your sales reps. Whether the reps are online or not, we’ll allow for you to show the booker to your visitors for an easy way for them to pick the most convenient time to have a conversation with you.

In this guide we’ll go over the basics of how the meeting booker works and how Qualified uses your Microsoft calendar connection to find the best times for your visitors to connect with your team.

The Basics

In order to use the meeting booker you’ll want to make sure that your sales teams calendars are connected to Qualified. You can do this by going into Settings > Calendar and selecting the Microsoft calendar option as shown below.

Connecting to Microsoft

Once your sales rep connects their calendar it will allow for Qualified to:

  • See any blocked off time on your sales reps calendar (other booked meeting times, vacation time, or other time slots marked as 'busy')
  • Book meetings on your sales reps calendar with visitor information passed through from Qualified.
Note that any times you do not want meetings booked by Qualified should be marked as 'Busy' within your Microsoft Outlook calendars. If you have an event on your calendar but it is set to 'Free' a meeting can be booked at that time.

How this Works

Qualified uses the Microsoft Graph API to view events on your reps calendars as well as create events. You can see more about the Microsoft Graph API on the Microsoft website. This API works with most Microsoft Calendars including personal Microsoft accounts and work or school accounts. Qualified will use OAuth2 to link each individual user to their Microsoft Calendar.

Customize Meeting Times

Alongside looking at your reps calendars Qualified also allows your sales reps to customize their meeting times, the time in between meetings, and their overall meeting availability. They can do this easily by going into Settings > Calendar and scrolling below their connection to see their individual settings.

Calendar Availability Options


In this guide you've learned how Qualified uses the connection to Microsoft Calendars to book meetings with your reps as well as how they can configure their availability and meeting buffer settings within Qualified.

Next Steps

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