Microsoft Teams Integration

If your company uses Microsoft 365, most likely you’re also using Microsoft Teams to keep your team connected via chat. Microsoft Teams is a collaborative workspace within the Microsoft suite that works as your internal business chat tool.

Qualified integrates with Microsoft Teams to allow for your most important insights and signals from Qualified to flow into your company chat rooms.

In this guide we’ll go over how to configure Microsoft Teams to use alongside the Qualified app.

Getting Started

To get started you’ll want to first login to your Qualified.com account using Administrator credentials. Once you’re all logged in navigate to Settings > Microsoft Teams as shown below.

Microsoft Teams in the Navigtation.

Connect to Microsoft Teams

Now that you’re on the Microsoft Teams connection page within Qualified you’ll want to first click the “Connect to Microsoft Teams” button to trigger the Microsoft 365 authorization popup as shown below.

Connect to Microsoft Teams button.

When the Microsoft authorization pop up appears you’ll want to enter in your Microsoft email address that’s tied to your company Outlook account. 

You’ll want to note that you do not need to be a Microsoft Teams administrator in order to connect the integration. Once connected we’ll show you the Team channels that you are authorized to see and let you pick the Team you’d like to alert with your Qualified information from that list. The credentials you've used to connect will need to have access to the channels that you'd like to send alerts into.

Signing into Microsoft.

Next, accept the screen asking to access your Microsoft Teams information so that we can pull in the Teams that you have authorization to add alerts to. 

Once completed, you’ll notice the connection button change to now reflect the action to “Disconnect.” 

Disconnect button appearing after connection.

Adding Qualified to Teams

Navigate to your app library and search to find Qualified as shown below.

Search for Qualified within your Microsoft Team apps.

Finally, click “Add to a Team” and enter the team(s) name you wish to receive alerts in, and then click the “Set up a bot” button.

For this example, we are going to use the Team “Sales Reps” and the Channel “General.”

Select Channel.

You will see a welcome message appear in the “General” channel for the team you added the bot to. This message is always sent to the “General” channel, and not any other channels for the selected team.

Welcome message from Qualified.

Configuring Alerts

After you've successfully connected to Microsoft Teams you'll also want to set up your alerts within your Qualified experiences. This will tell us when you'd like to alert your sales team within Teams of certain visitors on your website.

To get started you'll want to login to your Qualified.com account and click the gear icon to open your Settings page and navigate to the “Experiences” tab. This will show all of your experiences that you've built. Click on the experience built for your most high value visitors such as your ABM Red Carpet or Open Opportunities.

Most likely you'll want to alert your team right away to this high value visitor, so right before the first step in your experience select to add a new step OR alternatively you can add this step after the Qualify & Route node to alert your team. Click the “Add Action” button in your step menu and then click the “Send a Microsoft Teams alert” option as shown below.

Please note that while we can add Qualified to private teams we cannot add alerts to private channels.
Microsoft Teams Alert

Customize Your Alerts

You can enter an alert subject and an alert message body. You also need to select a channel/multiple channels to alert. 

When no customized message is created you'll see a view of all of your visitor fields (as shown below), however you can customize your Microsoft Teams message at any time using our variable tags to show the information that's most important to you, including Salesforce Owner (if the visitor is a lead or contact).

Customizing your alert message.

You'll want to note that the Team must have the app installed, otherwise the dropdown menu will not let you select that specific Team until Qualified has been added. The dropdown menu is organized with the parent teams being alphabetized, and the channels under each team are alphabetized as well. Disabled channels are moved to the bottom of the dropdown as well, and valid channels are elevated to the top of the dropdown.


Qualified integrates with Microsoft Teams to allow for your most important insights and signals from Qualified to flow into your company chat rooms. Think better visibility into your highest valued visitors hitting your site in real time and alerts going straight to your Account Executives when their Open Opportunities are browsing your legal and infosec pages.

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