Qualified for Outreach Integration

With Qualified for Outreach, sales teams are no longer flying blind. They can see when and how prospects engage with emails sent from an Outreach sequence plus they’re instantly alerted when that person clicks through an Outreach email and arrives on the website. This means they can seamlessly continue the conversation across channels and provide a personalized buying experience. In short, sales teams use Outreach for prospecting into accounts and they use Qualified for closing them. It’s the dream system for any sales team.

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to connect and configure the Qualified for Outreach Integration.

For more information on how you can connect to Outreach, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

How it Works

When an SDR emails a prospect from Outreach, tracking parameters are automatically included in each URL to track open rates and other engagement information. Once Qualified is connected to Outreach, Qualified will append our tracking information to this URL each time an email is sent.

Once a prospect clicks that URL and visits the site, the SDR who sent the email will get an alert in real time. They’ll know that the visitor came from an Outreach sequence and which sequence it was so they know what sparked the visitor's interest. 

Within Qualified you can now also set up a specific Experience to trigger once prospects from particular Outreach sequences have visited the website. This allows you to create consistent and customized experiences for your visitors as they move from Outreach to your site.

You can also adjust your Routing Rules to prioritize routing these visitors to the Outreach email sender or prospect owner. This provides a VIP experience for your visitors and allows the SDR to pick up the conversation right where the email left off.

Emailing within Outreach linking back to your website.

Getting Started

To get started with Qualified for Outreach you'll want to first connect Qualified to your Outreach account.

  1. Navigate to the Qualified App in the Outreach marketplace
  2. Click to install Qualified within Outreach. You'll notice after you click to install that you'll need to input the email address you use to login to Qualified.
  3. Once the install has completed, log into Qualified and navigate to Outreach > Connection to verify that your connection from Qualified to Outreach is complete as shown below.
Confirming your Outreach connection in Qualified.

Outreach Prospect Mapping

Once your connection has been completed you can set up mappings between Outreach Prospects and Qualified visitor fields. At this time Qualified will not create Prospects in Outreach; however, we can update visitor fields within Qualified using the information provided by Outreach.  

  1. Within Qualified navigate to Settings > Outreach > Prospect Mapping
  2. Use the ‘+’ symbol to add more field mappings and select the fields you’d like to map from Outreach into Qualified
  3. Select the Outreach field from the dropdown menu and the corresponding field within Qualified that you’d like the information to be mapped into or create a new field by selecting “Create Field” from the Value dropdown.
Mapping Outreach information into Qualified Visitor Fields.
Note that all fields will currently be available to be selected from Outreach, including all custom fields. Email is the only required field to map in order for us to recognize and pull in information about a visitor from Outreach.

Outreach Field Layout

To give your sales reps the most information possible about the Outreach visitor on your site, you’ll want to set up your Outreach Field Layout settings to organize the information from Outreach shown in your Qualified Visitor360 view.

  1. Within Qualified navigate to Settings > Outreach >  Field Layout as shown below
  1. Use the ‘+’ symbol to add fields from your Outreach account. 
  2. Drag and drop the fields as you see fit to prioritize information about your Outreach visitors.
Adding Outreach fields to your Visitor Field layout within Qualified.

All fields you’ve selected here will show up for your reps in their Visitor360 view.

Sending Outreach Emails

Now that your accounts are connected, Qualified will automatically alter any URL's in your Outreach emails to track where the visitors are coming from. When adding links to your Outreach emails use the "Add Link" functionality in order for Qualified to successfully track and alter the links within your email.

Other Valid ways to send Emails that will result in links being re-written to include tracking info in Qualified:

  • A​dding prospects to Sequences, which will send a templated email according to the Sequence rules
  • Sending a one-off email from within Outreach

Sending which will not be tracked by Qualified include:

  • sending emails through your personal email client
  • s​ending emails through the Outreach Everywhere Chrome extension

A​dding links

Click the Add link button in the email editor in order to add new links that are valid and trackable by Qualified as shown below.

Adding a new link to your Outreach emails.


L​inks added properly in the signature editor will also be altered to include tracking information within Qualified. Use the "Add link" button to insert links or insert links with the "Add HTML" button and manually create a link that will have the href re-written (e.g. <a href="https://www.qualified.com">website</a>)

Adding an HTML link to your signature.


Qualified integrates with Outreach to alert your sales reps to visitors from their Outreach Sequences hitting the website and allows you to create consistent and customized experiences for your Outreach Sequences.

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