Configuring Routing Rules & Live Streams for Outreach

Now that you've connected your Qualified account to Outreach you're able to create Experiences specific to your Outreach sequences, alert your sales team to their high value prospects, and configuring your routing rules to ensure that your visitors are routed to the right sales rep.

In this guide, we'll walk you through configuring your routing rules for Outreach visitors and setting up your Live Stream for easy access to all Outreach visitors on your site.

Routing Based on Outreach Sequences or Ownership

Perhaps the most important step to setting up your Outreach integration with Qualified is making sure your visitors from Outreach get routed to the right sales rep.

  1. Within Qualified navigate to Settings > Routing
  2. Above each custom or default routing rule select to turn on Outreach routing rules
  3. Select to route to either the email sender or prospect owner within Outreach
  4. Set to route to your Outreach email sender or prospect owner only OR those individuals as well as other reps within Qualified (recommended)
  5. Set your fallback sales reps if no one else above is available
  6. Finally, select if you'd like meetings to be booked only with the Outreach owner defined above
Configuring your routing rules within Qualified based off Outreach ownership.

Once configured, these settings will ensure your Outreach visitors can connect directly with the sales rep who has been corresponding with them and book meetings directly on their calendar

Setting up Your Outreach Live Stream

In order for your sales reps to view visitors on the site from Outreach we suggest creating a Stream dedicated to those visitors arriving from Outreach.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Live Stream
  2. Select “+ New Stream” to create 
  3. Name your Stream “Outreach” or similar
  4. Select your Outreach specific Experiences to show all visitors on the site from your Outreach sequences
Setting up your Live Stream within the Qualified Live Stream editor.

As visitors come in from your sales teams Outreach sequences they’ll populate in this Qualified Live Stream making them easy to identify and proactively engage with.

Viewing the Outreach Live Stream in Qualified.

Pouncing on Outreach Visitors

When a visitor from an Outreach sequence appears in your reps Live Stream, or they hear the alert go off that's their chance to immediately engage with the visitor. Use the following examples for how your reps can reach out and engage. Have your team save these as shortcuts in the messenger for easy access.

Hey {{firstname}}! Jordan here.

I work closely with  [email sender] who emailed you. Happy to answer any questions on Qualified, or set up some time to chat!

Hey {{firstname}}! Daniel here on [email senders] team


Configuring your routing rules is an important step in making sure your visitors are engaging with the right reps at the right time. Use the Outreach option within your routing rules to ensure your visitors from an Outreach sequence are routed to the sales rep who owns the prospect within Outreach or sent the original email.

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