AppExchange Chat: App Setup

AppExchange Chat can be configured to recognize, segment, and deliver unique experiences to your visitors based on their segment. An experience is what your visitors will see on your AppExchange listing and is the conduit to human engagement with your Sales team.

In this guide, we'll walkthrough basic AppExchange Chat setup tasks, including which experiences appear on your listing.

The Experience Builder

Your Qualified consultant will be doing most of the experience building for you, but there are a few things you'll want to know about how these experiences are built out. Experiences are shown to your visitors in the chat app, which appears on the bottom right of your AppExchange listing.

How AppExchange chat will appear in your listing
AppExchange Chat shown on Qualified's AppExchange listing.

For your AppExchange Chat experiences, there are three main elements to think about. 

  1. What is your value proposition? 
  2. What are your custom CTAs? 
  3. What is your highest performing content offering that we can gate in the experience?

All of these elements will ensure your program is built intentionally to capture your ICP and to meet your business goals.

While AppExchange Chat is built to connect your listing visitors directly with your Sales team, there will be some folks that are not ready to talk to Sales just yet. No problem! We can use the chat to surface some meaningful content that you think will catch the eye of your ideal customer and capture more content leads. Leverage a piece of content in exchange for their email and viola, now you have a marketing lead.

Meet the AppExchange Chat Experience Library

The AppExchange Chat Experience Library consists of multiple experiences designed to meet common business requirements of Salesforce partners. You can select as many experiences as you want. Later on, your Qualified Consultant will work with you to further customize these experiences for your team and business needs.

Your AppExchange Launch Workbook includes a list of all experiences available for further configuration. Your Qualified Consultant will discuss these experiences with you and help you evaluate which of them makes sense for your business.

Use the AppExchange Chat Experience Library to determine which experiences you'd like to use on your listing.

The AppExchange Chat Experience Library consists of multiple experiences designed to meet common business requirements of Salesforce partners. You can select as many experiences as you want. Later on, your Qualified Consultant will work with you to further customize these experiences for your team and business needs.

Routing Rules

Routing rules define how conversations get routed to specific reps, groups of reps, and how the system functions based on rep availability.

Routing can be configured in two ways:

  1. Using the default routing rule out of the box
  2. Custom routing rules configured specifically by you for your team

Routing to a rep can happen at any point within a conversation and is defined in the Experience builder, as shown below:

AppExchange Chat: Qualify and Route step
Route for Inbound Chat step within the Qualified application.

Routing and Rep Conversations

When a routing node is reached in an experience, the default routing rule will alert all available reps, as defined in your routing rules, to start a conversation. The experience will then pause at that moment and wait at this step until one of two outcomes are reached:

  • A rep is available to have a conversation and starts a conversation within the allotted period of time.
  • Reps are NOT available or do not start a conversation within the allotted period of time.
AppExchange: Qualify and Alert for chat
Qualified and Route for Chat step with an alert set up in an experience.

The properties of the routing can be configured with optional sounds and notification strengths The route node can wait indefinitely for a rep or for a defined period or time before falling back to the 'rep unavailable' side of the branch.

When Reps are Unavailable

What happens after you try to route a conversation to a rep but no one is around? This becomes an opportunity for your experience to continue the conversation with your website visitor. You may have already used the chat bot to gather information about this visitor and pushed that information into Salesforce and, if not, this is also a great time to grab an email address and ask some additional questions. Common options at this point in the experience include (a) booking a meeting with a rep, (b) having the visitor leave a message for your team to follow up, (c) asking additional qualification questions, or (d) anything else custom to your business process!

Notifications & Alerts

There are a few different alerts that your team can configure for your program.

  • Sound Alerts
  • Toaster Alerts
  • Slack or Microsoft Team Alerts
  • Email Alerts

Sound Alerts

There are 4 basic sound alert options that you can choose from to alert your team of visitors or qualified visitors on your site:

  1. No Sound Alert
  2. Default (Door Bell Sound)
  3. Urgent (Ding, ding, ding)
  4. Voice (contact us to get this added to your account)

When a visitor comes onto your listing for the first time and begins to engage with your Qualified app, you'll hear the default sound (play the video below to hear this sound) and if the visitor is Qualified and ready to chat, you'll hear the Urgent sound played. At any time you can change these defaults by logging into your account and editing your experience.

Toaster Alerts

A toaster alert is a small message that shows up in a box at the bottom of the screen and disappears on its own after few seconds. Your reps can click on this notification to access the visitor and start a conversation immediately.

Slack & Teams Alerts

Within Slack or Microsoft Teams your alerts will appear in channels and directly mention the reps that you’ve selected with your Qualified consultant. This will look similar to what you see below. Click on “View in Qualified” to go directly to the visitor in Qualified or you can view the existing Leads and Contacts right in Salesforce.

Image of Slack alert within a Slack channel from Qualified.

Email Alerts

Email alerts can be configured to email anyone on your team to Open Opportunities, Leads, or Contacts engaging on the website. This is most often used to notify Account Executives of their accounts being on the site and interacting with Qualified.


As an important part of your AppExchange Chat program, your experiences will help you recognize visitors, place them into segments, and deliver unique messaging to each visitor that comes to your listing. With help from your Qualified Consultant every experience will be configured just for you, so now is the time for you to sit back and relax.

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