AppExchange Chat: Getting Started

In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of your AppExchange Chat onboarding journey. We'll introduce you to the experts at Qualified who will assist you with the AppExchange Chat setup and help you determine who on your team to involve.

Meet Your AppExchange Chat Experts

  • Salesforce AMP Team
  • Qualified Onboarding Consultant
  • Qualified Technical Support

Attend a Kickoff Call

We’re excited for you to start your AppExchange Chat journey!

Once you signed up for AppExchange Chat, you’ll receive an email from your Qualified Consultant asking you to attend a kick off call.

Kick off calls are webinar style and are scheduled every Monday at 8am PT and 4pm PT. We’ll provide a detailed overview of the AppExchange Chat program and how we’ll work together over the coming weeks to bring AppExchange Chat live to your listing.

Didn't receive the email? Contact the Qualified Technical Support team to let us know.

Meet 1:1 with the Qualified Onboarding Team

After the kickoff call, we’ll send you an AppExchange Chat Launch Workbook and set up a 1:1 call with the Qualified Onboarding team. The workbook is your step-by-step AppExchange Chat go-live process and includes a few pieces of information we ask you to bring to your 1:1. The purpose of the call is to orient your team to AppExchange Chat and explain how we’ll work together to bring AppExchange Chat to your listing.

During this call, we’ll also ask for a few details about you, your team, and your business. These details help us design unique experiences on your listing tailored to your business processes and goals. We'll also discuss some of the more technical details of your business process in integrated systems such as Salesforce and Pardot so AppExchange Chat integrates seamlessly with your existing business processes. Use your workbook to include this information for your onboarding team. The more information you bring to the 1:1, the faster we get started - feel free to bring any question about the workbook to that meeting as well and we'll go over any incomplete items during that time.

During the 1:1 kick off call with your Qualified Onboarding team you'll receive your login to AppExchange Chat. Your Qualified Consultant will add your sales team later on during the sales training process.

Identify Key Personnel

Qualified will need to know who to invite during the onboarding process. We recommend that you get the following people involved if possible:

  • Salesforce Admin
  • Head of Demand Generation
  • AppExchange Program Manager
  • Sales Development Rep (SDR) Manager
AppExchange Chat: Key Personnel Needed
Identifying your Key Personnel with your Qualified Consultant.

Complete the Questionnaire

Tell us about your business and the impact of AppExchange listing on your business today. Why? The more we know, the more we can tailor AppExchange Chat to your company! 

AppExchange Chat: Questionnaire
AppExchange Chat Questionnaire for your implementation.


The AppExchange Chat onboarding journey is a collaboration between your company, the Salesforce AMP team, and Qualified. After you sign up for AppExchange Chat, you’ll join the Qualified team for a kickoff call. Next, you'll work with your Qualified Consultant to share information about your business and key personnel, and from there begin your journey towards go-live.

Next Steps

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