AppExchange Chat: Go-live Process

Launch your AppExchange Chat program on your AppExchange listing in two easy steps and start creating more Leads in Salesforce.

We'll guide you through the go-live process here and how to work with your Qualified team to go-live with your chat program as well as what steps you'll need to complete to make sure you and your team are ready to start using AppExchange Chat live.

All Aboard the AppExchange Chat Go-Live Train!

AppExchange Chat has two go-live periods every month: The 1st and the 15th (if either of those days land on a weekend or a holiday, go live will be scheduled on the business day prior).

AppExchange Chat: Go live days on the calendar each month
Salesforce will turn on AppExchange Chat for listings on the 1st and 15th of every month.

To go-live, you must:

  • Complete all steps of the implementation as outlined in your launch workbook
  • Confirm completion with your Qualified Consultant
  • Selected which date you want to go live

Your Qualified Consultant will add your team to the respective Go-Live Train for the next available day on the calendar (the 1st or the 15th of that month).

When confirming completion of the workbook your Qualified Consultant will make sure that you have:

  • Provisioned your sales team a Qualified account
  • All Sales reps have attended a sales orientation with Qualified
  • Sales rep profiles, calendars, and Salesforce connections have been completed

Trains Leaving the Station

Upon notifying your Qualified consultant that your team is ready, your team will be placed on the next Go-Live Train. Your consultant will reach out 24 hours prior to going live to ensure your Sales Reps are online and ready to chat! On the scheduled Go Live date, your listings will be turned live at 9am EST and your reps will be able to chat with listing visitors at that time.

Prepare your team the night before that Go-Live is happening. On the day of go-live, be on standby to share success between reps and watch as the leads flow in!


In order to go-live with AppExchange Chat you'll need to work with your dedicated Qualified Consultant. Once you've notified them that you'd like to turn on AppExchange Chat they'll make sure that all steps have been completed in your account and your sales team is fully ready to start engaging with visitors. Your consultant will then add you to the next Go-Live Train, happening on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Next Steps

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