AppExchange Chat: Quick Start Guide

Your Sales team is the key to making sure your company gets the most value out of AppExchange Chat. Your Qualified Consultant will invite all Sales reps to your team account and set up a time for training to ensure your team is set up for success. You'll want to make sure that each team member who will be using AppExchange Chat attends a sales training, use this guide as a supplement alongside the training to get your sales team started and setup for success.

In this guide we'll walk you through the set up steps for:

  • Setting up your profile
  • Connecting to your calendar
  • Connecting to Salesforce
  • Connecting to Slack or Microsoft Teams

We'll then go over how to use AppExchange chat including:

  • Understanding the console
  • Booking a meeting
  • Initiating a call
  • Creating leads in Salesforce

Profile Setup

Before you connect with visitors, it's important to set up your profile to find those settings:

  1. Log in to your Qualified account
  2. Click on the photo icon on the bottom left hand side of your screen and select ‘settings’ as shown below
  3. Click on 'Profile' in the navigation

Selecting Settings within Qualified to edit your profile.

Next, you'll want to:

  • Add a photo - this makes you more human and appears in your chats with visitors
  • Add your job title
  • Set your phone number if you'd like to forward calls from the app to your own cell phone or other telephony system
  • Make sure your timezone is correct so that Qualified can book meetings in the correct time zone for you
Adding your profile photo and other important fields.

Calendar Connection

Next, set up your calendar to allow for leads to book meetings with you while on your AppExchange listing.

Once your calendar is connected this will allow Qualified to:

  • See any blocked off time on your calendar (other booked meeting times, vacation time, or other time slots marked as 'busy')
  • Book meetings on your calendar with visitor information passed through from AppExchange Chat

To access your calendar settings:

  1. Click on the photo icon on the bottom left hand side of your screen and select ‘settings’
  2. Click on the Calendar option right below the Profile option in the Account Settings.
Calendar settings in the navigation.
  1. Select which Calendar type you use: Google calendar or Microsoft. Follow the connection prompts.
If you’re not sure which calendar system you use, contact your company IT team and they’ll be able to help you out.
Connecting to Microsoft or Google Calendar within Qualified.

After establishing the connection:

  1. Review and make any edits to the confirmation email that is sent out to your visitors after they book a meeting
  2. Replace the [PASTE YOUR MEETING LINK HERE] section of the confirmation email with a link to your Zoom or other video conferencing software
  3. Set up your availability, minimum meeting notice, and the buffer that you’ll need in between meetings

Minimum Meeting Notice: This allows a duration of time to give notice between when the meeting booker is shown and when a visitor can booked the meeting. For example, if a visitor is shown the meeting booker at 1pm you can ask that the next available meeting is at least 30 minutes out at 1:30pm.

Buffer Between Meetings: This buffer allows for you to take a quick break between calls so your meetings are not booked back to back.

Calendar Settings within Qualified for your meetings.

Salesforce Connection

Connect AppExchange Chat to Salesforce to sync the Leads you create and associate them with your Salesforce User.

  1. Click on the photo icon on the bottom left hand side of your screen and select ‘settings’
  2. Click on the Salesforce option in the navigation
  3. Click on the blue "Connect to Salesforce" button on this page
  4. Log into your Salesforce User via the pop-up box
Connecting to Salesforce using your personal credentials.

Connect to Slack or Teams

Your last setup task will be to connect AppExchange Chat to your Slack or Microsoft Teams account.

  1. Click on your photo on the bottom left hand side
  2. Find and click on Slack or Microsoft Teams under 'Integrations' in the navigation
  3. Select 'Connect to Slack' or 'Connect to Teams' with the Individual Connection section
  4. Connect and allow Qualified permission
Connecting to Slack or Teams within Qualified.

Individual Connection: This connection gives Qualified your Slack or Teams user ID. This will allow AppExchange Chat to know who to send direct messages to.

Keep in mind if you connect your individual connection here, you'll also be sent a direct message when someone is routed to you on your AppExchange listing for chat.

Use AppExchange Chat

Once your profile is set up it's time to learn how to use AppExchange Chat to engage with the visitors on your listing, create leads, and view your most valuable traffic.

Understanding the Console

Before you begin to use AppExchange Chat you’ll want to orient yourself to some of the features of the console that you’ll be using.

World view will display a birds eye view of all visitors on your listing and where they are physically located. Use this view to hover over the dots to see each visitors details.

Click on the card when you are hovering over the dot on the map to start a conversation or see the visitor activity on the website.

World view of all the visitors on your AppExchange Listing.

Clicking on a visitor will allow you to see their activity on your listing including: scrolling, hovering, and highlighting or selecting words.

After clicking into a visitor the console changes to show the Salesforce sidebar on the right hand side of the screen. This sidebar will give you all of the information AppExchange Chat knows about the visitor.

If a visitor is a Lead or Contact in Salesforce, you’ll also see that indicated by the orange (Lead) or purple (Contact) Salesforce icons above their name as shown below.

Leads and Contacts in the sidebar.

Scroll down the sidebar too see:

  1. Location of where the visitor is physically located.
  2. The company information of the visitor, including where the company is headquartered.
  3. If the visitor is attached to an open Account or Opportunity 
Salesforce Account information.

Booking a Meeting

To show the meeting booker just click on the calendar option on the upper left hand corner while in the messenger and having a conversation with a visitor. You can select to show your calendar or anyone else’s on your team.

Showing the meeting booker in AppExchange Chat.

AppExchange Chat will automatically adjust the timezone of the meeting booker to show the visitor open meeting times in their timezone. We'll decipher their timezone based off the visitors browser settings.

Initiating a Call

As a sales rep using AppExchange Chat, the best time to initiate a voice call is when you're already engaged with a prospect via chat.

Initiating a voice call is simple, you can easily initiate a voice call by clicking on the phone icon right at the top of the chat session window. Prior to initiating the call it's a good idea to chat a message like "calling you now..."

Click the phone icon to initiate a voice call
Click the phone icon to initiate a voice call within AppExchange Chat.

A prospect has two ways of joining the call that you initiated. They can join via web, which will connect the call right through the microphone and speakers on their computer, or they can join via phone which will place a call to the phone number they enter into the messenger.

Creating Leads in Salesforce

Now that you know how to book a meeting and have a phone call via AppExchange Chat, it's time to learn how to create a Lead in Salesforce.

Most of the time AppExchange Chat will automatically sync your visitors into Salesforce as Leads, but there are times when you proactively engage with visitors that you'll want to sync the Lead yourself.

When you are engaged in chat you'll use the sidebar to update and add information about your visitor as you learn information about them. You'll also see the option to sync the Lead directly into Salesforce as shown below.

Creating a Salesforce Lead.

Set Yourself As Available

You're all set and ready to start generating new Leads! Now, the very first thing you'll want to do every day is to set yourself to Available for incoming chats from qualified visitors.

To set yourself as Available:

  • Select your photo on the bottom left hand side of your screen
  • Flip the ‘Available’ toggle to on as shown below.
Remember: It's important to set yourself to available every morning when you login and start work and toggle on your sound alerts. When you are set to 'Available' that means you are ready to chat if a visitor is routed to you for conversation.
Toggling availability.

You will only be set to 'Unavailable' if you: log off Qualified, shut your laptop screen, close your browser, or if you are disconnected from your internet connection. Make sure to keep Qualified open as a tab in your browser to receive all your alerts and set yourself back to available as soon as you come back online.


Getting set up as a user in AppExchange Chat is a simple process with three main steps you'll want to take: set up your profile, connect your calendar, and connect to Salesforce. Once that's done, all you'll need to do is set yourself as Available for chat and you're ready to go to engage with prospects!

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