AppExchange Chat: Get Support

As you set up and use AppExchange Chat, you might have questions or issues that you can’t address on your own. When that happens, reach out to Qualified or Salesforce for help. In this guide, you’ll learn about common questions and issues, who to contact, and how. We’ll also share answers to a few frequently asked questions that aren’t covered in other guides.

Who to Contact for Common Questions

If you have a question that isn’t answered elsewhere, review this list to see who to contact for help. 

AppExchange Support Matrix

Contact Qualified Support

For most questions, your primary resource is your Qualified Consultant. The best way to reach your consultant is via email. Qualified's Technical Support team is also a resource for you and can be contacted at help@qualified.com.

Contact Salesforce

The best way to reach the Salesforce team is to post a question in the AppExchange Marketing Program (AMP) group on the Salesforce Partner Community or contact your PAM directly.


From time to time, you might have questions that you'll need to address with either Qualified or Salesforce. Use the guide above to help direct your question to the right person.

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