Salesforce Lead Assignment Within Qualified

In this guide, we’ll walk through the details on how Qualified interacts with the Salesforce Lead object and how those Leads are assigned in Salesforce.

Understand Leads With Qualified

Qualified acts as a first contact point for your prospects while visiting your website. For some visitors, we’ll know who the visitor is based on marketing cookies, previous visits, and information they enter into the Qualified chat bot. Once we have an idea of who the visitor is, we’ll check your Salesforce instance for any existing records. If an existing Contact or Lead matches that information, we’ll surface it in Qualified to give a full 360 view of that visitor for your team.

In other cases, visitors will not have existing records in your Salesforce instance. While they interact with Qualified, our chat bot or your team members will collect their information and add it to the visitor's profile in Qualified. That information can then be passed into Salesforce where a new Lead will be created. There are two ways a Lead can be created by Qualified:

  1. Synced directly by a rep
  2. Synced automatically by a Salesforce push step in an Experience

Qualified uses the individual Salesforce connection to assign Leads to the correct sales rep after an interaction. You’ll want to ensure all Qualified users set up their individual Salesforce connections when they build their user profiles in Qualified. If a user does not have a Salesforce connection, we’ll automatically assign the new Lead to the team user connection.

Qualified Salesforce connections showing a personal salesforce connection and a team level salesforce connection
If a new Lead chats or books a meeting with a rep, they will be assigned to the user associated with that rep's personal Salesforce connection. Otherwise, the Lead will be assigned with the Team-level account user.

How Qualified Assigns Leads

When creating Leads in Salesforce from Qualified, the Lead assignment is based on how that visitor interacted with Qualified and your team. Leads created via Qualified do not utilize your Salesforce Lead Assignment rules.

  • Visitor chats with a rep - The new Lead will be assigned to that rep
  • Visitor books a meeting with a rep - The new Lead will be assigned to that rep
  • Visitor engages with an Experience but does not book a meeting or have a conversation - The new Lead will be assigned to the Team-Connection user
  • Visitor chats with a rep or books a meeting, but that rep has not set an individual Salesforce connection - The new Lead will be assigned to the Team-Connection user
  • Visitor comes in as an existing Lead - Qualified will respect the Lead ownership and will not change it


Leads can be created and updated directly from Qualified by either your reps or automatically from an Experience. Leads will automatically be assigned to the rep they interacted with or who they booked a meeting with, otherwise the Lead will be assigned to the Salesforce user used in the Team connection. If needed, you can utilize the Owner ID field to assign an alternate Lead owner.

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