Setting Up ABM Experiences

Account Based Marketing is a strategy that focuses on Accounts rather than individuals. These Accounts should be made up of your ideal Lead or Prospects and should target the key decision makers of those Accounts. ABM relies heavily on personalized messages, emails, and content to these decision makers. 

Knowing who these decision makers are and giving them personalized content, messages, and advertising becomes key to a successful marketing campaign when using ABM.

So how do you know what your target account is?

  • Generally anyone who is already a customer that you can expand within. 
  • Companies that visit your website often.
  • Specific criteria that makes up a hot Lead or Prospect (ie. employee size, location, etc.)

With Qualified ABM you can capitalize on that brief moment where your product is top of mind for your target account and expand a casual website visit into a real selling opportunity. 

In this guide, we’ll go over how to target your ABM Accounts within your Qualified Experiences. You’ll also want to take advantage of setting up our other ABM features as well:

  1. Instant Alerts to your sales team
  2. 360 Visitor View of your website visitors
  3. Advanced Routing to your Salesforce Account owners

Salesforce Setup

It’s important that within Salesforce you can easily target your ABM accounts. In most setups you’ll see an added picklist field to the Account & Opportunity page layout titled “ABM.” You might also see ABM Tiers set up, so that you can get more granular and mark those ABM accounts with tiers such as Diamond, Gold, etc.

ABM Picklist in Salesforce.

We recommend something similar to what is shown above on each account so that you can easily target your high value Accounts or Opportunities in future Campaigns and in your Qualified Experiences.

Setup Your Experience Trigger

Now that your Salesforce is set up to quickly identify your high value Accounts you can either create a new Experience or edit an existing Experience that you’d like to use to target these accounts and deliver customized content.

In your Experience the first thing you’ll do is add your Trigger to show this Experience to only those high value ABM Accounts or Opportunities.

Setting up ABM Trigger.

Similarly, you can setup your Trigger if your Contact in Pardot or Salesforce is at a certain stage in the sales cycles as seen below.

Trigger based off Opportunity stage.

ABM Red Carpet Experience

As visitors come to your site Qualified (with the help of Salesforce, Clearbit, or 6sense) determine what company they work for and if they fit into your ABM Target Account category. Based on the information we gather, we will then display the Experience that you’ve created for these particular Accounts or Opportunities. In this case, we recommend putting into place our Experience called the ABM Red Carpet.

You should "roll out" The ABM Red Carpet on all of your high traffic landing pages as well as any landing pages that you've created specifically for your ABM Target Accounts. If there's a chance that an ABM Account ends up on a page, you should strongly consider using this experience to engage them.

ABM Red Carpet Experience.


With Qualified ABM you can capitalize on that brief moment where your product is top of mind for your target account and expand a casual website visit into a real selling opportunity. You now know how to setup your Salesforce instance to quickly identify your ABM Accounts & Opportunities, trigger Experiences for those visitors, and roll out the red carpet for them using personalization within Qualified.

Next steps

To continue to set up with ABM strategy within Qualified read the following guides:

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