Setting up Campaigns & Campaign Attribution

Now that you’re familiar with Campaign Attribution and how it works within Qualified, you’ll want to get started setting up your Campaign in Salesforce and your attribution mapping within Qualified.

Creating Your Campaign in Salesforce

To get started, create your Qualified.com Campaign in Salesforce. This Campaign is going to help you track your Conversational Marketing efforts, using your Qualified.com app.

When creating your Salesforce campaign, we recommend calling it “Qualified.com” to make sure that you can distinguish between a ‘qualified’ Lead and our application. 

There are a few other fields you'll want to look at when creating your Campaign:

  1. Type: You'll want to set the type to 'web conversations'
  2. Status: Most likely your campaign for Qualified.com will be ongoing, so you'll want to set the status as 'In Progress' for now.
  3. Start & End Date: You can leave this blank if you'd like, or fill in dates that you'd like to run this particular Campaign for Qualified.com.
Creating your Qualified.com campaign in Salesforce.

Setup in Campaign Attribution Qualified

In order for Qualified to know which campaign you’d like to associate your Leads & Contacts to, you’ll want to set this up within your Lead and Contact mapping area. To get here, navigate your way to Settings > Salesforce > Lead Mapping and next, Contact Mapping.

On this screen you’ll see how to map information into your Salesforce fields from Qualified. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see the area we’re interested in: Campaign Attribution. 

Campaign Attribution Mapping

Once this is set, Qualified will now know which Salesforce Campaign(s) to associate your Leads or Contacts to by default.

You’ll want to note that Leads and Contacts are mapped separately, so make sure to map both to your Qualified campaign. If you’d like to associate your new Pardot Prospects to a Pardot Source Campaign, you can do this in the Pardot Prospect mapping area as well.

A Note on Lead Source

Setting your Lead Source is important to later on help you report on where your Leads in Salesforce came from. Before finishing your Campaign Attribution setup, make sure that your Lead Source field in Salesforce is being populated by Qualified when a Lead is created.

To do this, you’ll want to first browse to your Settings > Salesforce > Lead Mapping area if you’re not already still there. 

From here, look for your ‘Lead Source’ field or select to create one as shown below. Once you’ve created the field you’ll want to set your default value on that field to “Website Conversation” or "Qualified.com Conversation" so that later on in your reports you can determine how many Leads were created specifically from Qualified.

Lead Source Mapping.


In order for Campaign Attribution to work properly with Qualified, you’ll want to take the following steps:

  1. Set up your Salesforce Campaign named “Qualified.com”
  2. Set up your Campaign Attribution in Qualified by mapping your Leads & Contacts to your newly set up campaign.

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