Setting Up Experiences for Outreach

Once you have fully connected your Qualified account to Outreach you’re able to create experiences specifically tailored to those visitors coming directly from your Outreach Sequences. 

1. Navigate in Qualified to Settings > Experience Builder

2. Create a new Experience in Qualified

3. Select Outreach Prospect as triggering option, shown below:

Triggering Experiences for Outreach Prospects within the Experience Builder.

4. From the drop down menu select “Outreach Prospect”

5. Next, you have two options to select from “Referring Sequence this session” or “Referring Sequence to current page”

Referring Sequence this Session allows for you to trigger this specific Experience to any visitor coming directly from the Outreach sequence that you specify in the next step. By using this Experience filter Qualified will show this Experience on any page on your website as the visitor navigates your site.

Referring Sequence to Current Page allows for you to trigger this specific experience to any visitor coming directly from the Outreach sequence that you specify in the next step. The experience will only be shown on the page that the visitor lands on from the Outreach email and will not be shown on any other page on your website.

Setting up Alerts

Next, alert your sales team of their specific Outreach prospects landing on the website so that they can proactively engage and book meetings faster.

First, determine what kind of alert you’d like your sales team to receive when their Outreach prospects hit the site. Qualified allows you to send out 3 different kind of alerts:

  1. In app audible alerts such as voice alerts or other sounds
  2. Slack or Microsoft Team alerts sent directly to the sales rep or to a public channel
  3. A direct email to the sales rep
Use one or all of the alert steps available in an experience by placing them one after another in priority order in your Outreach experiences.

Place the alert at the very top of the experience that you’ve created to ensure as soon as the visitor hits your website your reps are able to be alerted and can proactively engage.

When your sales team clicks to engage they'll see where the visitor came from including the Outreach sequence name and the email sender.

Viewing Outreach information within Live View.
Note that you'll only see that your visitors clicked through an Outreach email in the Live View if the email was triggered from an Outreach sequence automatically.

Reporting on Outreach Visitors

Once you've set up your integration with Outreach and tested out a few experiences, you can now report on how often Outreach visitors come to your website via click through an Outreach email. Follow the instructions outlined below to setup and save your Outreach report in Qualified.

  1. Login to Qualified and navigate to Analytics by clicking on the chart icon on the left hand side of your screen
  2. Press the '+' to create a new Report
  3. Set your top filter to see either all Sessions or just unique Visitors
  4. Add a filter below: "Has Outreach Clickthrough?" is Yes
Outreach reports
Adding a filter within Reports to see Outreach clickthroughs to the website.

Once you apply this filter you'll see all visitors who have come to your website via clicking through from an Outreach sequence. Add or remove columns to see more or less information about the visitors including which experience they received, company name, and location.


Qualified integrated with Outreach allows for you to create unique and tailored experiences for your visitors coming directly from your Outreach Sequences. Within your Experiences add an alert step to tell your sales reps when their high value prospects from Outreach are on the site and which sequences they are coming from. Enable your sales team to quickly engage with your Outreach visitors with context quickly.

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