Setting up HubSpot Contact Mappings

Currently the HubSpot integration only allows for you to pull Contact information from HubSpot into Qualified. To set this up, you’ll want to tell Qualified which information from HubSpot you’d like to share and pull into your Qualified visitor fields.

Once the information from HubSpot has been pulled into Qualified you can use this information to alert your sales team to known HubSpot Contacts as well as sync that information into Salesforce. 

Getting Started

To get started, make sure you’ve already connected to HubSpot using the instructions in our Connecting to HubSpot documentation. 

Next you’ll want to navigate to HubSpot > Contact Mapping in your navigation.

Once here you’ll notice fields on the right hand side of the page that you can select from within HubSpot and the corresponding visitor field in Qualified where you’d like that information to live.

If a visitor field doesn’t already exist for your HubSpot information to live in, you’ll want to select to create a new visitor field for it as shown below.

Adding HubSpot fields.

One thing to note when adding your mappings is that multi checkbox fields within HubSpot are not yet supported as mappings into Qualified. You can add them however to your field layout (instructions below) so that reps can still see this information within Qualified.

Field Layout

Your field layout will allow for you to change the priority in which you display the HubSpot information to your reps using Qualified. It’s also an opportunity to display information from HubSpot that you don’t necessarily want to map in the above area.

To get started you’ll want to navigate to your HubSpot area within your navigation and select Field Layout.

Add fields to the layout from HubSpot or drag and drop to change the order in which the information is shown.

Changing the field layout.

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