Setting up Your Marketo API

Marketo is a marketing automation platform used to help automate the process of engaging with your customers and prospects through multiple digital channels. Qualified.com integrates with Marketo to help identify visitors on your site that are coming from your Marketo marketing campaigns. By integrating your Qualified account with Marketo you're able to specifically target your Marketo visitors with uniquely designed experiences just for them on your site as well as alert your sales team to qualified leads from Marketo immediately.

In this guide, we'll go over how to set up your Marketo API in order to accept Qualified.com API calls.

Getting Started

To get started with your Marketo integration, you'll want to first set up your Marketo API that allows for Qualified.com to connect to your Marketo account. In order to do this, we'll follow these steps outlined below.

  1. Create an API Role
  2. Create a User within that Role
  3. Create a Service that accepts the API calls through the User

Creating an API Role

  1. First, log in to Marketo and go to the “Admin” section from the top right nav.
  2. Select “Users & Roles” on the left nav. Select the “Roles” tab, and click “New Role”.
Setting up a new API User Role.
  1. Fill in the name and optionally a description of your new role. For Permissions, look under the “Access API” section and allow “Read-Write Person”.
New role name and permissions.

Create a User

  1. Now we need to create a new user within this role. Go to the “Users” tab and click “Invite New User”.
  2. You'll want to note that while it says “Invite”, the email invite is skipped for API users. However, we recommend using an email address here that is valid just in case Marketo sends system messages to the address.
  3. Fill in the fields for this new User as shown below.
Example API User.

3. Select the API Role we created above. Check the “API Only” checkbox.

Set up your user permissions.

4. Click “Send” to finish creating this User.

Finish setting up user.

Create a Service

The service will work to accept the API calls from Qualified.

  1. Select “LaunchPoint” in the left navigation pane while still in your Marketo account and select “New” and click “New Service”.
Creating a new service.
  1. Name this service, and select the “Custom” service type. Fill in the description and select the API user we created above. Click “Create” to finish.
Setting up new service.


In order for Marketo and Qualified to work together, we'll need to set up a few things within Marketo to allow for API calls. The API calls will then allow for Qualified to identify which visitors coming to your site have come from a Marketo marketing campaign. To get started, you'll want to follow the steps outlined below before then connecting to Marketo in your Qualified account.

  1. Create an API Role
  2. Create a User within that Role
  3. Create a Service that accepts the API calls through the User

Next Steps

In the next step you'll want to connect Qualified to your Marketo account.

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