Creating Target Accounts in Qualified

If you’re using Account Based Marketing you’ll understand the importance of targeting certain accounts immediately as soon as they hit your website.

Our Targeted Accounts feature allows for you to create lists based on your high value Accounts or Opportunities and later on trigger specific experiences or alerts for the visitors that belong to these Accounts and Opportunities as soon as they hit your site.

Getting Started

To get started, you’ll want to open up your Qualified account and browse to your Salesforce integration section and click on ‘Targeted Accounts.’

Target Accounts in the navigation.

You can create lists based on any criteria in Salesforce including custom fields such as ‘Tier’ or standard fields such as Account Owner or Type. We recommend also creating a few lists for your Open Opportunities as well, allowing for you to later on alert your sales team when one of their Open Opportunities is on the site.

Some common Targeted Account lists might include: Open Opportunities, Diamond Accounts, ABM Accounts, or Current Customers.

Once you’ve created your list, make sure to name it something descriptive and save.

Gold tier Target Account list.

Viewing Your List Details

To see the list, you’ll use the tab on the same page called “Accounts" where we'll show all Accounts matching your list criteria. Click on this tab to see your Accounts start to load onto the page. Keep in mind, you’ll want to add in filter criteria first in order for Qualified to populate your list.

List being populated.
Please note there is a limit of 50,000 Accounts that can be on any list at one time. If your list is over 50k add more filter criteria to narrow it down.
Limit of 50k Accounts.

Populating your list might take some time to load as we sync over your Account information and pull data from your Salesforce Instance.

Populated Target Account list.

It’s important to note that the domain names given here must be correct in order for us to match visitors that come to your site with your Target Accounts. If no domain name is provided here for your Accounts, we’ll not be able to match visitors correctly and any Experiences you’ve created specifically for these Accounts will not fire properly.

You can use any website address format that is valid, such as:


How We Handle Duplicate Accounts in Lists

When creating your Targeted Account lists we’ll pull in information directly from your Salesforce instance based on the criteria that you’ve selected.

Filtering by Account Tier.

If there are multiple duplicate accounts, we’ll show them all in your list. For example, you’ll see in our example list below that our Salesforce instance has two Accounts that fit the criteria we’ve filtered on named “Voolith.” Both Accounts are shown in the Target List.

All Gold Accounts.

When a visitor comes to the site from a company with a duplicate Account in Salesforce (like our Voolith Account above), we’ll do our best to match the visitor with the right Account in your Salesforce instance by:

1. First, looking at which Account has the most Opportunities attached and use this Account

2. If there are no Opportunities, we'll look at the Account with the most Contacts or

3. If there are no Contacts or Opportunities attached to the Accounts we'll then use the Account last modified in Salesforce

Syncing from Salesforce

We will sync your information from Salesforce every day at midnight according to the timezone that your Salesforce instance is in.

Viewing a Target Account created in Qualified.

How We Match Your Visitors by Domain Name

When a visitor comes to your site, we’ll use a few tools to decipher if they belong to one of your Target Accounts by figuring out what their company domain name is, we call this 'fuzzy matching'.  Fuzzy matching is a technique used in computer-assisted translation as a special case of record linkage. It works with matches that may be less than 100% perfect. Basically, we do our best to find the closest match.

We’ll look at the following information sources (mostly Reverse IP Services such as Clearbit or 6sense) in order to establish where your visitors are coming from.

Flowchart of how Fuzzy Matching will work given different visitor scenarios.

1. If we have the visitors email address and you have our Clearbit Enrichment integration we'll use the company domain supplied by your data enrichment integration  (Company Field: Website).

2. If you do not have a data enrichment integration and we have the visitor email address, we will try to match the email address domain to the website domain in the Account.

3. Finally if the email address is not available we look at the company domain that we get from Clearbit Reveal (Company Field: Website) or 6sense (Field: Website) based on the visitors IP address.

Fuzzy matching a visitor based off email address.

Once we have information about your visitor, we'll show the fuzzy match results on the left hand side of your screen along with all of the information pulled from Salesforce, Pardot, Clearbit, or 6sense.

If duplicate Accounts are found the Account with the most # of opportunities wins.  If still tied, the Account with the most # of contacts wins. If still tied, the Account most recently updated wins.


Creating Targeted Accounts allows for you to quickly create unique Experiences for your highest tier Opportunities, Accounts, and Prospects. You can also use Target Accounts to alert your account or sales team to their open Opportunities or high tier accounts that they are working with. Create your Target Account list by:

  1. Navigating to Salesforce > Target Accounts
  2. Filter by list Criteria
  3. Qualified will pull this information from Salesforce
  4. Save & toggle your list to 'active'

Next Steps

Now that you've created your Target Account lists, learn how to use them to trigger special Experiences and alerts for those Accounts.

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