Introduction to User Groups

User Groups are groups of users that can be defined for use with customized routing rules.  Since User Groups and advanced routing are enterprise features, you may not see these options in your navigation. Please contact your Qualified Account Executive or your Qualified Success Architect to turn this feature on in your account.

Getting Started

Creating a User Group is straight-forward, simply navigate to Settings > Organization > Groups, and click the (+) icon to create your new group, and then add users from your account, it's that simple!

Creating a new User Group and adding group members

Territory User Groups

An example of User Group setup for use with Territory-based routing

Company Segmentation User Groups

An example of User Group setup for segmentation-based routing

Product Specialty User Groups

An example of User Group setup for product specialty teams

Choosing a User Group During Routing

Now that you have your User Groups defined, how do you bring those into your custom routing rules? When you are creating or editing a routing rule, you'll now see the ability to add groups of users in the routing rues, as opposed to just individual reps. You can see below how User Groups now appear in the routing rule selection.


User groups are teams of Qualified users that can be set up for customized routing purposes.

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