AppExchange Chat: Deactivate Chat

In some situations, you might need to temporarily or permanently deactivate AppExchange Chat on your AppExchange listing. In this guide, you’ll learn how to deactivate AppExchange Chat when:

  • Your AppExchange Marketing Program (AMP) contracted term ends
  • Your team doesn’t have sales reps available for chat
  • You want to remove AppExchange Chat from your listing entirely

Deactivate Chat When Your Contracted Term Ends

As a Salesforce partner, AppExchange Chat contracts are for a one-year period (the AppExchange Chat Program "Term"). Optionally, you can renew your contract for additional terms. To renew your contract, reach out to the AMP team.

If you decide not to renew, AppExchange Chat is automatically removed from your listing at the end of your term. Likewise, your Qualified access is automatically deactivated.

Deactivate Chat When Reps Suddenly Aren’t Available

At some companies, sales teams change throughout the year. If your company’s sales personnel changes, and you suddenly find that you’re unable to staff AppExchange Chat, you can temporarily remove live chat from your listing and implement a chatbot-only strategy. For help implementing this strategy, reach out to your Qualified Consultant directly. 

Deactivate Chat to Permanently Remove It from Your Listing

If you’re still within your company’s AppExchange Chat term but you want to permanently remove it from your listing entirely, contact your Qualified Consultant or email help@qualified.com. We’ll work with the Salesforce team to remove AppExchange Chat from your listing on your behalf. 


In this guide, you learned about situations where you might need to deactivate AppExchange Chat. These situations include the end of your AMP contracted term, if you wish to employe a bots-only strategy with no reps, of full removal of AppExchange Chat from your listing(s).

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