Smart Forms for Marketo

Using Smart Forms with Qualified allows your existing lead capture form to qualify leads on-the-fly and route your most qualified visitors to your sales reps in real time. Traditional Lead Forms often come with the expectation that visitors coming to your website will have to wait hours if not days to talk to your sales team. Smart Forms allow for you to alert your reps in real time to those hot prospects on your site ready to talk with sales.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through setting up your existing Marketo lead forms to be Smart Forms that work with Qualified to generate leads and responses to those leads faster.

Getting Started

It all starts with understanding how your Marketo lead forms work. Let's look at a sample "contact sales" lead form that was generated by Marketo and the block of Javascript (Marketo embed code) that is on your website which dynamically creates the form. If you use Markeo, this probably resembles a form on your website today:

A sample lead capture form generated dynamically by Marketo

The HTML (embed code) behind the Marketo lead form shown above

<script src=“//app-sjqe.marketo.com/js/forms2/js/forms2.js”></script>
   <form id=“mktoForm_621”></form>
   MktoForms2.loadForm(“//app-sjqe.marketo.com”, “718-GIV-198”, 621);

Set Up Your Form Experience

The very first step to creating a Smart Form is determining what experience you'd like your visitors to have when someone fills out your Marketo Lead form.  Do you want to route everyone to your sales team or only those people who fit your certain qualifications? In either case, you'll want to set up a manually-triggered experience within Qualified. By doing this you'll then tell Qualified to trigger this experience specifically when people fill out your Marketo Lead form and you can create as many experiences as you want for each form on your site.

To create your experience, navigate to Experiences > scroll down to Manually-Triggered Experiences in your Qualified account.

Set Up Your Fields & Embed Code

1) Define your Visitor Fields in Qualified

First you need to define your visitor fields in Qualified if you haven't yet done this already. It's is generally a best practice to have fields set up that include everything you currently capture in your lead forms today and everything that you're currently mapping to/from Marketo. Note that each visitor field you set up has what's called an API Name. We'll be using this API name in the second step of the setup process.

To view your Visitor Fields to make sure there is a field for each form field, you'll want to navigate to Visitor Fields on your Qualified left hand side navigation.

Visitor Fields in Qualified.

2) Edit Your Marketo Embed Code to Map Fields to Qualified

Next, you'll need to alter your existing Marketo embed code by mapping the Marketo form fields to the fields that you want Qualified to capture upon form submission. Below is an example of what your code might look like when it's completed. You'll want to note that in the example above we have our own Munchkin ID and Form ID. If you copy the code example, please change out these ID's to ensure your form works properly.

<script src="//app-sjqe.marketo.com/js/forms2/js/forms2.js"></script>
<form id="mktoForm_1234"></form>
 MktoForms2.loadForm("//app-sjqe.marketo.com", "395-GIV-621", 1234, function(form) {
   form.onSubmit(function(f) {
     const formData = f.vals();
     qualified('sendSmartFormData', {
       email: formData.Email,
        name: formData.Name    
    }); qualified('showExperience', 'experience-1598334672499')

Notice that you'll also take API name of your Qualified Visitor Field and match it with your Marketo form field 1:1 using the format below:

myQualifiedField: formData.myMarketoFormField,

3) Input the Experience ID

One of the first steps to creating a Smart Form is to create a manual experience trigger for when that form is submitted. Each manual experience has an ID associated with it. To ensure this experience triggers after this particular form submission, you'll want to grab that ID and place the code you see above into your Marketo form, as shown below.

qualified('showExperience', 'experience-1598334672499')

You'll grab this ID in the experience itself by navigating to Experiences > Manually-Triggered Experiences. Use the copy icon next to the experience ID to automatically copy it to your clipboard. Add this ID to the Marketo embed code using the example above as your guide.

Experience ID.

4) Test Your Experience Triggers

Finally, you can test the configured qualification rules to fire in real-time based on any of the values submitted in your form. This will be specific to your company of course, but for the sake of simplicity let's say that we want to qualify a lead if the company size is greater than 100 employees. Your manually-triggered experience you created in the previous steps will most likely look similar to what you see below.

Setting up Qualification Triggers.

Now, when someone fills out your Marketo lead form and states that their company size is > 100 employees, Qualified will immediately alert your reps, and present the qualified lead with an open door to chat with or talk to your sales team...instantly.

You might be wondering what happens next - the visitor information in your form will still be submitted into Marketo and if they met your Qualification rules they will be presented with your Qualified experience. If they don't quite match your rules they'll be given your default message after form submission.

If you have a Salesforce push step (meaning, at the end of your experience or at the beginning you are pushing visitors into Salesforce) the visitor will be created as a Lead in Salesforce and as a Lead in Marketo. Because of the awesome sync between Salesforce and Marketo you won't have to worry about duplicates as Marketo will merge any Leads in Salesforce that have the same email address as your Leads in Marketo.


Smart Forms allow your existing lead capture forms to qualify leads on-the-fly, immediately when the form is submitted. When your smart form is submitted and the lead information meets your qualification criteria, the information goes to your backend database AND a conversation is opened in real-time for the qualified lead and your sales rep to have an immediate meeting. Instantly talk to your qualified leads the moment they fill our your lead forms, no waiting, 0 minute response time. Instant conversations result in instant conversions for sales.

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