Styling the Messenger

The messenger is the component of Qualified that displays on your website when sales reps engage with qualified leads. It is also the place that is used for automated communication with visitors such as booking meetings and engaging with chat bots when your reps are not available.

Setting Your Branding

It's important for the messenger to be on brand with your website, both in terms of the color scheme, your tone of voice, and your calls to action. The messenger can be configured in Settings > Messenger settings. There are a few settings within this page that will allow for you to customize your messenger to your brand:

  • Company Name: Set the company name that will display at the top of the messenger.
  • Company Logo: This will appear next to your company name at the top of the messenger. Tip: We recommend using a logo size of 128x128.
  • Primary Color: This is the main color of your messenger.
  • Text Color: This will be the text color that appears in the main bar of your messenger (ie., where your company name is located).
  • Button shape: Depending on your branding you can change the shape of the button that appears on your website.
  • Graphic: You'll want to select the graphic or upload an image that best represents your brand. This will appear on the website before someone engages with your Qualified app.

As you make these changes we'll show you a live example of the changes on the right hand side of your screen so that you can adjust before going live.

Messenger Settings.

Styling the Messenger for Conversations

Additionally, the messenger has a different look and feel when a lead is in conversation with one of your reps, or your automated chat bots. The settings area also shows you what this configuration will look like, so you can style accordingly.

Live example as you make your styling changes.

Other Settings

Once you're done changing the look and feel of your messenger there are a few other areas you'll want to take a look at within the messenger page:

  • Installing your Javascript code: Use this code to ensure Qualified shows up on the pages you care about most.
  • Allowing visitors to call your reps: Toggle on and off to allow for visitors to initiate phone calls with your reps via the web.
  • Showing the messenger to mobile visitors: Use this to turn experiences on/off for mobile users.


The messenger is the component of Qualified that displays on your website when sales reps engage with qualified leads. The messenger can be styled easily by navigating to Settings > Messenger Settings.

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