Support Deflection & Email to Case Experience

Visitor deflection is important in ensuring the right visitors are brought to your sales team and others are still given an exceptional experience. In many cases, visitors who need deflection are existing customers looking for support. When deflecting cases for support, we generally recommend two types of deflection options:

  • Support Deflection to a Help Center
  • Email to Support Case

In this guide we’ll go over how to create both options and how to identify and segment your current customers to receive these experiences.

Segment Existing Customers

When building a deflection or support experience, you’ll first want to consider what criteria you would like to use to determine if a visitor should be deflected away from your sales team and over to your support team. This will often be a group consisting of your existing customers. We recommend using Segments to define the group you’d like to be used when defining Support Deflection rules throughout your Experiences in Qualified.

Most often, this Segment will be a group consisting of all of your existing customers, but can be defined however best suits your business needs. For example, in some cases, you may want to define a group of existing customers who also do not have an open opportunity, as those customers may be best served routed to your sales team.

Once created, we can use this Segment to create a new Experience that only triggers for the group. Alternatively, you can add a branch within your Experiences for support deflection wherever current customers are on the Experiences set for different pages of your website: homepage, blog, knowledge base, or marketing pages.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Segments
  2. Create a new Segment 
  3. Filter by criteria which identifies your existing customers, such as the Salesforce Account Type
  4. Name and save your Segment to be used in your Experience in the following steps

Segment builder identifying a visitor as a current customer if the contact's related account is Customer-Direct
Create an existing customer Segment by Account Type or other customer specific Salesforce fields.

Create Your Experience

Next, we’ll want to create an experience for these visitors:

  1. Create a new Experience
  2. Set the Experience to show for Visitors who are within the Segment created above
"Show this experience to visitors that match" the Segment "Existing Customers"
Show the experience to your customer Segment.
  1. Create a custom greeting welcoming your existing customers
  2. Add a custom question with the option to view documentation or connect with support
  3. Create a branch based on the answer to the custom question
Start of an experience with a "Have questions" greeting followed by a question
Greet your existing customers and offer them the ability to connect with your support team.

Deflect to the Support Center

The branch created above will have two paths: One to view documentation and one to connect with support. Under the view documentation branch, we'll want to deflect the visitor to the Support center by navigating them to a new page. We'll do this by selecting the "Navigate to new page" step in your menu and typing in the address to your help center as shown below. It's helpful as well to add a message before navigating the visitor so they are not surprised when the page changes.

"One moment while we navigate you" text followed by a step to navigate the visitor
Navigate to your support or help center pages.

Email to Support Case

If they select "Connect with Support", we'll want create an Email to Support Case flow on the opposite side of the branch. Before we build that, we need to create a field to store what the visitor is emailing about. Save your experience now as you'll be navigating to another feature within Qualified.

To create this field:

1. Navigate to Settings > Visitor Fields
2. Create a new Text field
3. Label it “Notes” or “Support Question”
4. Save your Visitor Fields
5. Navigate back to your support deflection experience.

We'll now create the steps that allow the visitor to log a case with the support team:

1. Create a new step for those visitors that select "Email Support"
2. Select the “Ask a Question” step

Optionally here you can also ask for email address or other personal information and skip the step if the information is already provided within Qualified.

3. Select the “Notes” or “Support Question” field created earlier
4. Next, create an Email step by selecting the "Send an email" step from your experience builder menu

Branch showing the view documentation and send an email flows
Create steps to collect visitor questions for support and email to your team

5. Send the email to your support team: help@ or support@ inbox
6. Select to include all Visitor Fields (your notes or support question visitor field will be included here)

Send an Email step is highlighted to send an email to help@qualified.com
Emailing your support team inbox from Qualified
Please note that the email into your help desk will come from app@qualified-alerts.com


Creating a support deflection experience improves your customer experience by providing direct access to your support center and team. These visitors are deflected away from your sales team so that team can focus their efforts on engaging with prospects.

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