Syncing Visitors to Salesforce

The Qualified Salesforce integration turns your high quality Visitors into new Salesforce Leads and can update existing Leads and Contacts with any new information learned during their conversations with your rep. There are two ways in which information can be synced into Salesforce: automatically via a push step in an experience that has been built out or manually via a sales rep.

In this guide we’ll walk through when Qualified syncs Visitor information to Salesforce and dive into what options are available when building Salesforce syncs into an Experience.

How to sync from Qualified into Salesforce
Automatic or Manually synced information in Salesforce.

Automatically Syncing into Salesforce

When building an Experience in Qualified, it’s common to have a step telling our system to sync information into Salesforce. To add this step and view the options available, navigate to Settings > Experience Builder and open an existing Experience or create a new one.

From here, create a new step within your experience and select the “Push to an external system” option on the right hand side of the screen as shown below:

Push to an external system push node for Salesforce.

Once selected, select Salesforce as your push destination and you will see a few options as to when this triggers a sync to Salesforce:

Create Lead

Wait to create new Lead until:

  • Referred to as a “deferred push,” this option allows reps to engage in conversation with a Visitor before the Lead is created in Salesforce. This allows more alignment between the sales rep who owned the Visitor conversation and Lead ownership, as the sales rep who engaged in conversation with the Visitor will be the Lead owner. We generally recommend selecting this option as it ensures the Lead is owned by the same user in both Qualified and Salesforce, should that Lead engage in conversation with a rep.

Create the Lead as soon as the visitor reaches this step:

  • This option immediately creates and assigns the qualified Visitor as a Lead in Salesforce. Please note: if selected, there may be misalignment between the rep who has a conversation with the Visitor and the Lead owner in Salesforce. When a Lead is created by an experience without an owner in qualified, that Lead is assigned to the user used for your team level Salesforce connection. Use this option only when you are sure Lead ownership in Salesforce and Lead ownership in Qualified does not need to be aligned 100 percent of the time or when the Visitor will not be engaging live with a rep.

Update existing Lead or Contact record

Update only records created or previously synced by Qualified:

  • This option will only update mapped Visitor fields on Leads or contacts that Qualified has synced with previously. Use this option for a more selective approach as to when Qualified can overwrite Salesforce field values. If selected, new field updates may not sync over for some Salesforce records. 

Update any record in Salesforce:

  • This option gives Qualified the right to update mapped Visitor field values for any Lead or contact in Salesforce with a matched email address. Use this option for a broader approach towards when Qualified can update Salesforce field values.
Note that Qualified can only create new Lead records and can only update Lead and Contact records as defined within the Salesforce push step in your Experiences. Qualified does not create Contact or Account or account records within Salesforce.

Manually Syncing to Salesforce

In addition to automated syncing from an Experience, Visitors can manually be synced to Salesforce by your reps.

As your team engages with Visitors and fills the Visitor 360 with information, we’ll use the Visitor’s emails to see if they match any existing records in Salesforce. For Visitors without a matching email in your Salesforce instance, your reps will see a “Create Lead in Salesforce” button as shown below. Have your reps select this button to push that Visitor’s information to Salesforce and assign them as the Lead owner.

Creating a Lead manually in Salesforce.

When a Visitor is recognized as an existing Lead or Contact in Salesforce, we’ll pre-populate their Visitor 360 with available information from Salesforce. For example, if a rep updates a field for an existing Contact in the Visitor 360, they’ll see a “Sync 1 field to Contact” option to update that information in Salesforce.

Syncing Contact information in Salesforce.

Salesforce Leads will be highlighted orange while Salesforce Contacts are highlighted purple.

Campaign Member Sync

Qualified can also add Lead and Contacts that have engaged with Qualified to specific Campaigns within Salesforce. This sync can occur two ways:

  1. Automatically for all sync when you’ve added a Campaign mapping in your Contact and Lead mapping area within Qualified. With this setup, every Lead or Contact which we map information to will also be added to the specific Campaign specified, such as a general Qualified.com Campaign.
  1. Automatically for specific syncs when you’ve added an “Add to Salesforce Campaign” step within your Experience. With this option, Visitors who sync to Salesforce after going down a specific path within your Experiences can be added to a specific campaign in Salesforce as shown below:

Adding visitors to a Salesforce Campaign within the experience.


In this article, we reviewed when Qualified syncs records to Salesforce and the specifics of each option available. We also reviewed the options for adding those synced records to specific Salesforce Campaigns.

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