Team Calendar Settings

The Team Calendar settings allow Qualified admins to manage various meeting type options and view the Calendar Connection status of teammates. Meeting types are used whenever a meeting booker is shown within an Experience and can be selected by reps when offering a meeting to their visitors.

Getting Started

Within your Team Calendar settings the first option you’ll see is your Calendar meeting Types. Calendar Meeting Types allow for you to create custom meeting types for your sales reps to use throughout Qualified. To create a new Meeting Type login as an Administrator and follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Team Calendar settings
  2. Select the + symbols under Meeting Types
  3. Name your meeting type
  4. Select the length of time for that meeting
  5. Set your meeting title (this will appear in the invite for both the visitor and the sales rep)
  6. Select or deselect the “Send reminder email" checkbox
Meeting types set up within Qualified.

Using Meeting Types

Meeting types can be used both when building experiences and when a rep offers a meeting to a visitor. To specify which meeting type you would like to offer within an experience:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Experiences
  2. Place a meeting booker step in your Experience. This can be done manually using the “Offer a meeting” step or is placed automatically when using the “Route for Inbound Chat” step.
  3. Select the Meeting Booker step
  4. Select your Meeting Type from the drop down on the left
You can define which meeting type you're offering in the meeting builder
In some scenarios, you may want to use a custom question to ask the visitor what they would like to meet about. Depending on their answer, you can route them to a different "Offer a Meeting" step with a different meeting type.

For sales reps, they can select a specific meeting type when offering meetings to the visitors they are engaged with in chat. To select a meeting type:

  1. Select the Calendar icon within the chat window to offer a meeting
  2. In the pop up select who you want to schedule the meeting with and the Meeting Type
  3. Click Send to send the meeting booker to the visitor
Gif showing the selection of the "offer a meeting" option and then the selection of the meeting type
Use the offer a meeting option within a live chat to give a visitor instance access to book time on your calendar or a team member's

Sales reps will also be given the chance to modify the meeting title. This will show up on the visitor's calendar and should be clear what the meeting is about as well as who they are meeting with. Your sales reps can use the variable builder to bring in dynamic information as well such as the meeting duration as shown below.

Using dynamic variables to populate information about the meeting for the title.

Understanding Your Team’s Connected Calendars

The last section within the Team Calendar page displays a list of your team members and information about their connected calendars. Here you can view:

  • The email the team member has connected their calendar to
  • The calendar type, Google or Microsoft, they are connected to 
  • A preview of the meeting confirmation message they are using when booking meetings through Qualified. Hover over the word “Preview” to view this for each team member.


Building meeting types in the Team Calendar settings can help ensure you’re offering the right meetings to the right people and making the best use of your team’s time. View your team’s connected calendars to see who is available to schedule meetings through Qualified and to preview team member’s custom confirmation messages.

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