Testing Your Experiences

Before going live on your website with your experiences you’ll want to first test your experience on your site without exposing the experience to your users.

We’ll show you step by step how to test your experience from beginning to end without exposing your experience to your live website visitors.

Add Testing Parameters

Once you’re ready to start testing out your built experience, you’ll want to navigate your way to your Experience builder.

Experience Builder.

While in the experience builder you’ll want to select the experience you want to test. Up at the top of the experience find where to input parameters as shown below:

Adding test parameters.

You’ll need to first click on the experience rules to see the parameter option. These parameters will be parameters that you’ll append to the end of your website to see your experience in action. For example:


It doesn’t necessarily matter what parameters you add for testing as long as they are unique and not something that any visitor will come across. A few examples might be:



You’ll note that in order to view your experience you’ll need to add the parameters to the end of your URL with a ? separating your website URL and the parameters you’ve chosen.

Turn on the Experience

The last step before testing will be to make sure that your experience is turned on and active as shown below.

Turning on the Experience.

You’ll want to note that even though the experience is now active, it can only be seen by those who use the testing parameter set above.

Go Live

When you’re done with your testing and need to go live, simply remove your testing parameters and leave your experience switched on. 

Remember that experiences trigger in order. If you don’t see your experience on your site when you go live, you might have another previous experience overriding it.


It's always a good idea to test your experience from start to finish before going live on your website. To test your experience, create parameters in your experience builder and use this as a way to view your experience live on your website. Once you're done with your testing simply remove your parameter to make the experience live on your website for your visitors to see.

Next Steps

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