Transferring a Chat

Qualified allows for anyone who is in a current conversation with a visitor to pass the chat along to another rep who is online. 

In this guide we’ll show you how to pass a current visitor chat to a colleague.

Getting Started

Once you’re in a current chat use the steps below to pass your chat to another colleague and change ownership.

  1. While in a current chat navigate to the ‘Owner’ area on the top left hand side of your Visitor 360 view.
  2. Use the drop down to select one of your available colleagues.
  3. Once their name is selected the chat will automatically transfer to them.
Selecting a new visitor owner within the Qualified messenger.

Note that whomever you want to pass your chat to must be logged into Qualified and set to available. Otherwise, you can select to show their calendar for a meeting to be booked for another time.

Best Practices

When transferring a chat to another rep you’ll want to keep in mind a few things as best practice.

  • Alert your team member before the transfer is going to happen. They’ll see the full transcript when they receive the chat but context and warning is appreciated.
  • Let the visitor know who you will be transferring to and why.
  • If the rep you’d like transfer to isn’t available let the visitor know and that you can send them the reps calendar in the next message.

Showing the Meeting Booker

To show the meeting booker just click on the calendar option on the lower left hand corner while in the messenger. You can then select to show your calendar or anyone else’s on your team.

Selecting the meeting booker option in the messenger.


When transferring an active chat always make sure to select another rep that is currently available in Qualified, giving your colleague a warning that the chat is coming their way, and letting the visitor know they'll be transferred to someone else for more assistance.

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