Qualified and 6sense Mutual Customer Benefits

If you are both a Qualified Customer and a 6sense Customer, then there are some additional benefits to you that can leverage to improve your usage of Qualified and increase ROI with 6sense. This includes targeting Qualified Experiences, creating Visitor Segments, and Routing visitors all based on your distinct 6sense Account and 6sense Segments and 6QAs (6sense Qualified Accounts). 

In this guide, you will learn how to integrate trusted data from 6sense into Qualified, how to utilize that data to inform your sales reps who to prioritize on-site, and see different use cases that take advantage of the mutual benefits between the 6sense and Qualified platforms. 

Getting Started

You'll want to get started by first connecting your Qualified account to 6sense and reviewing how you can use your 6Sense data within Qualified.

Qualified can retrieve 6sense data two ways: 

  1. Retrieving company data directly from 6sense (Reverse IP Lookup)
  2. Retrieving 6sense company data from the 6sense fields in Salesforce. 

Both of these methods are valuable for looking up company information specific to your website visitor and use them in Qualified’s Experiences, Segmentation, and Routing accordingly. We'll go over in detail how to use these two methods below.

Retrieving Company Data Directly from 6sense

When a visitor arrives at your website, Qualified works with 6sense to lookup the visitor’s IP address and retrieve the corresponding company information (if there is a match). For 6sense customers, an added benefit you will get is that the company information will include the 6QA (or 6sense Qualified Account) information distinct to your 6sense Account. 

That means you can use things like 6sense’s Profile Fit, Profile Fit Score, Buying Stage, and Intent Score in Qualified from the moment a visitor lands! 

Viewing the 6Sense Field Layout within Qualified.

This opens up new doors for engaging semi-anonymous visitors powered by your team’s effort and investment in 6sense.

Bottom Line: The data that 6sense gathers around intent, scoring, enrichment, deanonymization, and ABM prospecting can all be ingested into Qualified through the direct integration. 

Data Trust

Data gathered from 6sense for pseudonymous visitors is considered best guess technology, meaning the data is implied based on the users demographic, firmographic, and behavioral information. The confidence scores are string values as follows:

  • Very High is a score that you can bank on.  These IPs are typically offices. 
  • High degree of confidence typically with an error rate less than 20%.
  • Moderate and Low are values that should be verified.

Best practice is to use “Very High” or “High” confidence scores when setting synced variables in Qualified that will write back to salesforce. 

A good habit is to use blocks to check for confidence scores before declaring the data. Here is an example of using blocks in this recommended manner:

Using blocks to check confidence scores in Qualified within the Experience Builder
Using blocks to check confidence scores in Qualified.
Using blocks and decision trees to check confidence scores from 6sense before setting variables in Qualified
Using blocks and decision trees to check confidence scores before setting variables in Qualified

Now, before setting fields like “Company name” or “Employee Number” for an account, a check will be run to ensure that there is a high confidence score of this data!

Retrieving Company Data from 6sense Fields in Salesforce 

When a known or cookied visitor comes to the site, it is always recommended to trust data in your Salesforce CRM over any information taken in a reverse IP lookup. 

Just imagine, you are visiting your parents house and log into a site using their network. Even though you are cookied and a known user, if a company solely relies on reverse lookup data, you can easily be mistaken for the company that your parents work at! 

That is why it is recommended to treat the Account Object in Salesforce as the source of truth if the user is known. 

For 6sense Customers, relevant 6sense data will be reflected against the Account Object in Salesforce as shown below:

 Example of 6sense data in Salesforce
Example of 6sense data in Salesforce.

When a prospect comes to your website, not only will a reverse IP lookup be performed, but that visitor will also be matched to their respective account in Salesforce (for more information on the fuzzy matching logic, please check out this article). 

If a known or previously cookied visitor comes to the site, you can prioritize the source of information from Salesforce,  which will be more reliable than a reverse IP lookup.

Leveraging Qualified best-in-breed Salesforce integration, these fields also will be available for use in real time when known prospects or customers come to your site.  

Prioritizing salesforce data over data directly from 6sense
Prioritizing salesforce data over data directly from 6sense

How to Achieve Value Through the Integration

Now the magic can happen! With 6sense trusted data integrated into the Qualified platform, users can create real time experiences based on any information gleaned from hidden buyer behavior, identify accounts in-market, and drive the right action at the right time across conversational on your digital storefront, your website.

Important Buying Indicators

Initially, B2B intent data was created to be used in advertising to named accounts or accounts that match a company’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). However, today, with real time conversations and personalization happening on site, this data can be repurposed to empower sales reps with alerts and prioritization like when an Account with high buying intent is on the site. 

That is where we can leverage fields like the following:

  • Account Profile Fit Score - how similar a company is to your ideal customer profile (ICP), using firmographic and technographic factors. Strong, Moderate, and Weak.
  • Account Intent Score - A measure of the level of buying intent shown by the account, using data from Salesforce, data from your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), web data from your website, and third party publisher data 
  • Account Segments - A comma separated string representing the names of all 6Sense segments that this account falls into. These segments may use data from the fields above to determine an account’s segment.

Qualified Live Stream is a powerful way for reps to be aware of who is on the site by bucketing web traffic into segments defined by your marketing and sales teams. A best practice for this segmentation is to leverage Profile Fit and Intent Scores to inform users of who they should prioritize when initiating a conversation. When deciding between an account with a low intent score or a high intent score, a sales rep should always take their at bat with the higher intent score. An example is shown below of what this might look like within your visitor Live Stream.

using 6sense data to determine the buying intent and profile fit of the visitor
Using 6sense data to determine the buying intent and profile fit of the visitor

Use cases and Examples

Data shared between 6sense and Qualified is not only used to inform sales professionals, but also to inform the chat bot of which experience a visitor should receive. 

An example use case may be that marketers would like to create a unique chat experience for Target Technology Accounts whose headquarters are located in the west coast territory. We can leverage 6sense information to create this criteria, layer on intent data, and actualize this buyer experience as shown below:

Creating a high value audience using data from 6sense to create unique and personalized on-site chat experiences for visitors

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Other common use cases actively powered by the 6sense-Qualified integration include the following:

  1. Use 6sense “very high” confidence matching to roll out the red carpet for ABM customers 
  2. Create conversations around local events using 6sense’s reverse IP geographic lookup 
  3. Hook prospects into a conversation with case studies matching them to their 6sense industry segments 
  4. Use fuzzy matching powered by Qualified to route 6sense accounts to the correct sales rep
  5. Leverage 6sense intent data to fastrack surging prospects to speak with live reps
For more ideas please take a look at our Examples page.


Qualified offers an integration with 6sense to help you pull in firmographic information about your website visitors from the start. Using 6Sense’s reverse IP lookup you can quickly see where the visitor is coming from, their company information, as well as well as the segments they belong to and insights for product lines. In this guide, we've shown you how to integrate trusted data from 6sense into Qualified, how to utilize that data to inform your sales reps who to prioritize on-site, and a few use cases that take advantage of the mutual benefits between the 6sense and Qualified platforms. 

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