Using Blocks in Experiences

While creating your experiences you might notice that there are certain actions that you’ll perform multiple times and throughout multiple experiences. To make your experiences easier to configure, we’ve created a feature called Blocks.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to use Blocks to group certain actions and make them usable in any Experience.

Getting Started

To get started using Blocks, you’ll want to understand some of the basics of how you should think of grouping actions. 

If you see that you’re repeating  steps throughout your Experiences, you’ll want to consider creating those steps into a block that can be later easily referenced. A good example of a block might be the actions that come after a certain set of branch logic, like shown below.

You can take these steps and quickly add them to a block to be referenced at a later date in all other experiences you build out.

Building a Block

To build a block, open your Experiences page by navigating to Settings > Experiences. Once here, located the ‘Blocks’ are on the bottom of your Experiences pane as shown below.

Blocks in the Experience Pane.

Press the “+” symbol to start creating a new Block and name it something that is descriptive and can be easily remembered later on.

Naming and saving your block.

Start adding actions here to replicate what has been created in your Experience and save.

Recreating your Experience actions.

Using Blocks

To use the Blocks you’ve created, you’ll want to start by editing an existing Experience in your account. Once in the Experience, create a new step and select the Block option as shown below.

Using Blocks in the Experience.

Once the Experience has jumped to the Block you’ve designated, it will go through the block and return to the experience once the block has ended.


Blocks are groups of actions that are commonly used in your Experiences. Create as many Blocks as you'd like and later reference them within your Experience build. Once a visitor is jumped to a Block, they will continue in that Block and will return to the original Experience at the end of the path they take within that block. Multiple blocks can be placed within a single Experience and blocks can be used across Experiences.

Next Steps

Now that you've learned how to use Blocks, continue your Experience education below:

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