Using Clearbit Enrichment with Qualified

Clearbit’s Enrichment is a powerful tool and when combined with Qualified helps you pull in even more information about your anonymous website visitors. Let’s take a look at an example of why using Clearbit Enrichment with Qualified is so compelling.

Let’s say an unknown visitor comes to your website and is browsing around on your pricing page and is actively engaged in looking at your products and services pages..  They then engage with your Qualified experience it asks if they are interested in learning more about your product or service. 

Here is the information you have so far about the user on your site, below:

Image shows an anonymous website visitor without Clearbit Enrichment engaged.

At this point, you’re not sure who they are, but by using Clearbit Enrichment you can gather that information quickly by asking for an email address in your Qualified experience. You can see an example of how we do this on our website below.

Conversation with anonymous website visitor.

On the backend in Qualified, here is what your reps will now see after the email address has been given by the unknown visitor. Clearbit will automatically pull in as much information as they can about the person, based solely off the email address they have provided.

Before using Clearbit Enrichment you'd only know this person was in San Francisco and had no other details. When hooked into Clearbit Enrichment, you can see after asking for an email address this person is Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce and most definitely a qualified lead or prospect. You can now alert your sales team to interact with him right away, or use branching to send him down an experience path of your choosing.


Clearbit Enrichment is a powerful tool and when used with Qualified can give you even more insights into who your website visitors are and if they are possible prospects or leads. Clearbit Enrichment enables you to get to the people you want to faster and act while they are still fully engaged with your website.

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