Using Clearbit with Your Visitor Fields & Experiences

Now that you’ve connected your Clearbit account the fun part really begins. You’ll want to set up which Visitor fields you’d like Clearbit to be a source of information for, so that you can qualify visitors based off this information or send them down different experience paths.

1) Edit Your Visitor Fields

To begin, you’ll want to navigate your way to your Visitor Fields in the main settings navigation.

Once here, you’ll notice all of the visitor fields you’re using currently such as name, email, and maybe country or company. Most likely Salesforce and Pardot are being used as sources to gather this information, meaning Qualified is looking into Salesforce and Pardot to see if name, email, or company information is already known about this person. Adding Clearbit here as a source tells Qualified to have Clearbit join in on the party, and search for this information as well.

Selecting Clearbit Enrichment or Reveal to pre-fill visitor fields.

If the information is found about this person it will be pre-filled into the visitor field. This can then be used to qualify or route the visitor to an experience.

Helpful Hint: Salesforce, Pardot, and Clearbit will all look for visitor information at the same time to pre-fill your visitor field values. However, they are stack ranked and if more than one source finds the information you’re looking for, the first source listed will win.

Once you’re done selecting your Clearbit fields, save your changes on the top right hand corner.

2) Final Step

As a final step you’ll want to put this information into action to qualify your visitors and route them to different experiences. Hop on over to view our documentation on qualification rules and the experience builder to start.


Once you've connected your Clearbit account to Qualified you'll next want to set up your visitor fields to pre-fill information from Clearbit. When information comes into these fields from Clearbit you can use that information to create personalized experiences for your visitors as well as route them to your reps faster.

Next Steps

Learn how to use your Clearbit filled visitor fields to create unique experiences for your website visitors.

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