Using Live Streams

Qualified Live Streams allows sales reps to watch website visitors arrive on the site then be automatically segmented into predefined buckets in real time. From there, they can proactively engage with the visitors they care about most. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through Qualified Live Streams so you can start creating Leads from your most valuable visitors immediately.

Getting Started

The first screen you see when logged into the Qualified Platform is your Qualified Live Stream. Think of this screen as the command center for your website. 

Your Administrator will set up these views to show you:

  1. The visitors your business cares about the most 
  2. Those visitors routed directly to you for conversation or proactive engagement
Four columns of visitors segmented by Target Account, Open Opportunity, Paid Advertising, and Pricing Page
Live Streams of visitors appearing on the Qualified platform.

And in each Live Stream you'll see:

  • Visitor Segments: The title of the stream indicating the visitor segment 
  • Visitor Cards: A visitor card representing each visitor in that segment

Each Live Stream segment will have a dedicated color and will be in order from highest priority of visitors to lowest priority reading left to right on your screen.

You will only see visitors in a Live Stream if they fit the criteria for that live stream segment and have been routed to you.

Visitor Cards

As visitors arrive on your website, Qualified will automatically sort those visitors into each Live Stream segment and visitor cards will populate underneath each stream. Visitor cards represent a real live person on your site who is either ready to engage with your Qualified chat bot or can be proactively engaged by a sales rep - what we call ‘pouncing’ - for conversation.

Visitor card information will include:

  1. Website activity & bot engagement
  2. Firmographic information
  3. Salesforce Data
  4. Routing status
A tile displaying a visitors name, company, and information about their time on the website
Visitor Card showing information about the visitor on the website.

Changing Views

In addition to the Live Stream command center, you can toggle to a List View or Map View using the buttons located on the top left hand corner. 

Visitor card showing a visitor in the target account. Above are three buttons: Map view, list view, and live view
Switching views by using the icons on the upper left hand corner of your Live Streams page.

Note: Changing views will not disrupt how your visitors are segmented. 

Toggle to List View to see all of your visitors and their information condensed into one segmented column. Visitors will still appear as Live Streams and will be in priority order from top down in order of importance.

Each visitor is their own row within the view and grouped by Live Stream
List View of website visitors within Qualified.

While in Map View, each circle on the map represents a visitor on your website. Hover over the circle to see the Visitor Card then click into the card to open your console and start a conversation with the visitor or view their digital body language on the website.

A world map with dots representing each visitor. One dot has been clicked a tile displays the visitor information.
Map View of website visitors.

Viewing Idle Visitors

By default you’ll see all active visitors on the website, but there will be times when you’d like to also include idle visitors as well. To view those visitors who are idle and no longer active on your website :

  1. Select the gear icon in the upper right hand corner 
  2. Select ‘Show idle visitors’
The gear icon is selected with a pop up and a check box to show idle visitors
Select gear icon to show idle visitors on the website.

Qualified Pounce

Qualified allows you to proactively engage with your most important visitors. We call this “pouncing.” We find that 6-15% of proactive engagement with visitors has lead to conversations and creating more Leads.
Qualified gives you the best chance for engagement by categorizing your visitors into the segments that mean the most to you and your business.

Pouncing on potential prospects.

Use Live Streams and the Visitor Card preview to determine which visitors are ready for a pounce. Click into their visitor card to see their website activity in real time.

Use these questions as a guide to know if you should proactively engage with visitors:

  1. Are they actively looking at the site?
  2. Are they not yet engaged with another sales rep on your team?
  3. Are they in one of your high intent or important visitor streams?

By looking at the visitor's Live View, active tabs, and digital body language, you’ll gain deep insights about your visitor and their interest in your product. When the time is right, pounce to provide them with a VIP experience on your website.

The Qualified Console showing visitor information, their website activity, and their engagement with the chat bot and reps.
Visitor 360 shows all known visitor information.
Utilize scroll depth (which indicates how far a visitor is scrolling down a page) as an intent signal. A ~15% scroll is a good threshold to engage with a visitor on your listing.

Routing & Chatting with Visitors

Routing gets the right visitors into the hands of the right sales reps. Qualified routing is extremely flexible so you can route visitors by:

  • Target Account information
  • Location
  • Salesforce data such as Lead, Contact, Account, or Opportunity 

When a visitor lands in one of your Live Streams that means they’ve been routed to you using the routing rules set up by your Qualified Administrator. Hover over the pin icon in the visitor card to see the routing details of each visitor.

A pop up expands from a visitor card showing the visitor's current experience, routing reason, and who they were routed to.
Visitor routing reasons shown on hover.

When a visitor requests to chat with someone, you’ll see their Visitor Card appear with a countdown giving you around 30 seconds to join the chat before the visitor is sent to the Meeting Booker. Click on the Visitor Card and select “Start a Conversation” to begin a conversation .

The Live Streams with a visitor card showing a countdown for a rep to engage with the chat.
Countdown shown in the upper right hand corner when a visitor wants to chat.


Live Streams segment your visitors so you can focus on those who are most valuable. Use the information provided in a visitor’s card, the various views, and their digital body language to understand their interest and intent. When the time is right, pounce to open a conversation and provide your visitors with a VIP experience.

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