Using Shortcuts in Qualified

When using live chat in Qualified you can easily boost productivity of your team and gain the trust of your website visitors by adding shortcuts that allow for you to deliver fast, accurate responses to questions as they come up.

In this guide, we’ll go over when to use snippets, how to create them, and how to use them in Qualified.

Create Your Shortcuts

To get started, you’ll want to login to your account and find the ‘Shortcuts’ area of the app (shown below).

Shortcuts section shown in the navigation

Once here, you’ll see two options for conversation shortcuts: My Shortcuts & Team Shortcuts:

Both options for shortcuts in Qualified

My Shortcuts

These shortcuts will be conversation snippets that only you have access to. You’ll want these to be frequently used sayings, phrases, and words. Here are a few that we suggest you setup and work well for engagement:

"Hey there! [Your Name] here from the [Company Name] team!"

Team Shortcuts

Please note: Team shortcuts can only be created by administrators on your team.

Team shortcuts are snippets that you’d like your whole team to use during their chat conversations. A few examples of these can be:

“Thanks for your interest in our product! Are there questions you didn’t quite get answered today?”

“I see you’re looking at ____ on the site. Are you interested in seeing some of our case studies?”

"Hi there! I'm happy to chat through which pricing option best fits your business needs"

Helpful Hint: You’ll want to make sure to keep the name of your shortcut as short as possible. This will be what you use to execute the shortcut when you’re in live chat. For example: /Welcome or /Hello are great naming schemes that work well and are quick to remember and execute.

Executing Shortcuts

While in your live chat you can call for a shortcut you’ve created by clicking on the 'Shortcuts' area on the bottom left hand side or simply by using the slash symbol and the name of the shortcut such as /Welcome or /Greeting. When using either of these options, you'll also see a quick preview of the shortcut so that you can make sure to select the correct one.

Executing shortcuts in chat.

When to Use Shortcuts & Best Practices

Shortcuts can save you a lot of time when used in chat while also preserving a personalized experience and relationship with your website visitor. When creating your shortcuts here are some best practice tips to follow:

  • Keep shortcuts short & sweet.
  • Add to your shortcut once you execute it to add personalization and relevance to the conversation you’re having.
  • If you see trends in questions that arise, create a shortcut for your team to save the next person time.
  • If you’re coming upon a holiday make sure to create shortcuts for team members to use in case there are gaps in coverage to save time and help with knowledge sharing.
  • Shortcuts shouldn’t sound robotic, make sure to write them in your voice and tone even if this means recreating team shortcuts as your own.
  • Add emojis and gifs to your shortcuts to add more personality and increase engagement.


Using shortcuts in Qualified will help you save time while also getting your visitors fast, accurate answers to their questions. When creating shortcuts don't forget to add personalization so that you don't sound robotic and can continue to build to your relationship with your visitor while giving them relevant information. Follow best practices to get the most out of your shortcuts, especially during times where you might have seasonal or holiday rushes and lulls.

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