Using Variable Tags to Prefill Your Visitor Fields

Dynamic variables are a special Qualified syntax that allows you to (1) take data stored in a Visitor Field and use it dynamically within a chat bot or experience on your website, and (2)  populate Visitor Fields with data coming inbound from other systems.

Visitor fields are the fields in Qualified where you will store everything you wish to track and know about your website visitors. Visitor fields contain information you might gather through chatting/talking to a lead directly, information they might have given you explicitly through a lead form or bot, or other info that might be pulled from an external system, like Clearbit, Salesforce, or Pardot.

In this guide we’ll walk through a few variable tags that will be helpful when setting up your visitor fields and go through a common use case so that you can get a feel for why variable tags within your visitor fields might be useful.

In this example we’ll look at using variable tags to pre-fill in information about a specific visitor attribute, but there are many more ways in which you can use visitor variables within your visitor fields.

Getting Started

To get started with variable tags you’ll want to navigate to Settings > Visitor Fields area shown below.

Visitor Fields in the Settings navigation.

Creating a New Field

Once here, you can start using the Qualified variable tags to set up fields that you’d like to display to your reps when using the Qualified app, or that you’d like to use to later route visitors for inbound chat.

For example, while in your visitor fields layout, create a new field named ‘Country.’ Next, select the source on the right hand side and enter the variable below to have Qualified pull in your visitors country into this field automatically for you. In this case, we'll select the source to be a Variable and open up our Variable tag builder.

Variable tag builder.

Use the pre-filled information that you are gathering about your visitors to qualify them quicker, or help route them to the right reps on your team. For example, if someone is visiting from Australia you can quickly route them to your sales AMEA group. 

You'll notice that if you have mappings set up to other sources (such as Salesforce or Pardot as shown below) we'll also use these two sources to pull in information as well. We'll look at all of the sources at once to gather as much information as we can about your visitor to fill into your fields. If the lead is not known in Salesforce, Pardot, or other data enrichment sources we'll then use the variable to pull in the country by IP address.

Multiple sources looking for Visitor Country.

See the Variable Pre-Fill in Action

Finally, to see your pre-fill in action make sure your experience is live. Next, you’ll want to open an incognito window of your browser and browse to your website where your experience is now live. 

While on your site as an active visitor, check out the Qualified app view where you’ll now see all of your visitor fields, including the new field where you are bringing in ‘country’ as shown below.

Visitor Fields


Qualified variable tags can be used to help you pre-fill information in your visitor fields such as country, region, state, or city. You can then later use this information to help route visitors for inbound chat or just simply expose this information to your reps inside Qualified, viewing a lead in Salesforce, or looking at your new prospect in Pardot.

Next Steps

As a next step in learning about variable tags, you might find the following guides useful:

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