Viewing Visitor Routing History

Qualified routing rules are extremely important to get your visitors into the hands of the right sales reps on your team. As visitors interact with Qualified and your reps you might have questions about what routing rule they fell into.

In this guide we’ll cover how to find the routing history of a particular visitor to answer all of your questions quickly.

Find the Visitor Transcript History

The first step to tracking down which routing rule a visitor has fallen into is finding the visitor session you want to look at. A visitor can have multiple sessions on your website and can be routed multiple times as well.

A Session is defined as every time a visitor is on the website. A Session will end for a visitor when they are idle for more than 60 minutes.

  1. Navigate to ‘Analytics’ 
  2. Click on ‘Reports’
  3. Create a new report and use the filters on the left hand side to search for your visitor
A report searching for visitors with a specific email address
Creating a report to find your visitor session history.

Keep in mind searching for a visitor is usually quicker if you use the filters to narrow down the information you know about them such as email or name.

View the Visitor Transcript & Routing Rules

Once you’ve found your visitor session, click on the visitor and select "Go to visitor" in the report to open up the transcript. This will show you all of the pages the visitor viewed on your website, which selections they’ve made in your experience, and the conversations they’ve had with your reps.

Routing rules will only show up if the visitor has hit one or more routing steps within your experience. Hover over the routing icon to see more details about the routing rule that took place such as:

  1. The Experience the visitor was in when they were routed
  2. Routing Reason (this is set in the experience)
  3. Who the visitor was routed to
A pop up from the "Routed to Reps" displaying visitor information: Experience, Routing Rule, Routing Reason, Routed to
Hovering over the routing rule will give you more information about what happened during the route.

You’ll also notice red and green dots next to the reps names that the visitor was routed to. This will indicate if the rep was available during the time in which the visitor was routed.

The routing information pop up displays a blank dot, indicating not reps matched, and a green dot, indicating 3 reps were available when the visitor was routed


Viewing your visitor routing history provides you with all of the information you need to make sure your routing rules are applying correctly to your visitors. Use reports to quickly find the visitor transcript, view the visitors routing rules by hovering over them as they appear in the transcript, and review your rules to ensure they are aligned with how you'd like each visitor to be routed.

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