Visitor Identification in Qualified

When visitors arrive on the site, Qualified traverses your data systems to understand who a specific visitor is, so your sales reps can have the most informed and meaningful conversations.

After this article, you’ll be able to:

1. Describe how Qualified performs visitor identification.

2. Troubleshoot incorrect visitor identification.

Identifying Unknown Visitors

As a new visitor arrives on your site, Qualified uses the IP address associated with that visitor to perform Reverse IP. In doing so, we may learn (with varying levels of confidence) the company associated with that IP address. If you are using Target Accounts in Qualified, the Qualified app will then use the company domain to match with a Salesforce Account and an opportunity. Qualified Visitor Fields can be configured to add that information to the known person and company data in the Visitor 360.

Identifying Known or Semi-Known Visitors

Some visitors may arrive as known or semi-known through:

  • Marketing Automation - through clicking an e-mail or completing a form
  • Sales Engagement - through clicking an outbound email
  • or Qualified - by previously having a conversation and providing their email address

In these cases, using email address as the unique identifier, Qualified will look for:

  • Matching Salesforce Leads/Contacts data, returning person data from the Lead/Contact and company data from the Lead or corresponding account
  • matching Leads/Prospects in Marketing Automation, returning person and company data
  • matching Person data in data enrichment tools, returning person and company data

Based on this work, a visitor can appear as Known, Semi-Known or Anonymous. But over time, anonymous visitors can be known - most notably by providing their email to a sales rep in a Qualified chat.

Once a visitor provides their email address in Qualified, all of the visitor identification logic noted above fires in real-time and updates the Visitor 360, the left pane of the Qualified app where you can see all of the fields we know about a visitor. Information updated during the chatbot flow can be used to route Visitors to specific reps or teams when they are qualified to chat. The more visitor information that is captured, the more tailored Qualified can be when routing to sales reps.

Screenshot showing the Visitor 360, the Live View, and Conversation Panel (from L-R).

Visitor fields are updated at each step of a Visitor’s interaction with Qualified:

  1. Answering a Question - When an answer is provided by a visitor in a chatbot experience, an associated visitor field can be updated. If email is provided, other field values that are pre-filled with enrichment sources can also be updated as a result.
  2. Setting a field within an Experience - Field values can be updated automatically within an experience by adding the “Set a Value on a Visitor” action. For example, if a Visitor answers a certain set of questions, a field can be set to indicate them as a Marketing Qualified Lead.
  3. Set by a Rep - When chatting with a visitor, sales reps can update visitor field values within the Visitor 360. 
It’s important to note that all integrated systems can map data into visitor fields. When there are multiple or conflicting values, specific visitor field pre-fills are organized with priority ranking in the “Visitor Fields” setting.
If you would like to pre-fill data from a Reverse IP source, such as Clearbit or 6sense, we recommend first setting a minimum Confidence Level within the Connection Settings of your Reverse IP tool. This will ensure all values pulled from that source have a minimum confidence rating before filling a Visitor Field. We recommend ranking enrichment data sources higher than Reverse IP sources, as the email address used by the Enrichment sources can provide more unique and accurate information than just Reverse IP.

Troubleshooting Incorrect Visitor Identification

Notice that a visitor is showing with an incorrect Qualified visitor field? To troubleshoot the Visitor 360 Data Mapping, we recommend:

  1. Reviewing what experience a Visitor triggered and if they provided information via a chatbot question or reached a “Set a Value on a Visitor” node.
  2. Reviewing the pre-fill field values in the “Visitor Fields” section of the Qualified app and your Reverse IP Confidence Level Settings. You may have Reverse IP data filling Visitor fields with low confidence data.
  3. If a visitor is already a Lead/Contact in Salesforce, Pardot prospect or Marketo person, the information may have come from the source system. Existing records take precedence over pre-fill values, even if they are null.
  4. Confirm whether a sales rep may have manually filled a visitor field.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us using the Qualified app on this page or reach out to the Qualified technical support team.

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