A Full Guide to All of The Shortcuts You'll Want

A Full Guide to All of The Shortcuts You'll Want


In this guide, learn which shortcuts you should add for your team to use for quicker responses and more focused pipeline generation.

There are two places for shortcuts in Qualified. The first is unique to the user, the "My Shortcuts" sections. It's where users can add their own personalized shortcuts only accessible to them. But how about when everyone needs to access a shortcut?

That's where Org Shortcuts come into play. Check out the shortcuts below that might help you  ⬇️ Copy and paste these into your Qualified instance and edit them to include your company branding and objectives!


  • Human here, human there? 👋
  • Hello Salesforce team! It’s Susan (a real person) here in San Francisco!
  • Maura here from the Qualified team 👋 Looking to learn more about XXX?

Your Company

  • We are a conversational sales and marketing platform for Salesforce that allows...


  • Great question. We are different than Company X because only Qualified allows you to...


  • Q's on pricing? Happy to chat through which option best fits your business needs!
  • Curious if the Pro Plan is right for you? Human here with your answers!
  • Our plans are structured…
  • Based on the size of your company we typically recommend…

Customer Stories

  • One of our customers XXX saw a 60% improvement by doing just that…
  • YYY was able to generate $5M in ROI...here’s a link to the case study…
  • Customers like ZZZ have more than doubled pipeline and revenue since switching over to Qualified X. Interested in seeing the same results?

Industry Specific

  • We serve hundreds of brands in the Financial Services space, including X, Y and Z
  • Yes, for the healthcare industry we are fully HIPAA compliant and...

Security or FAQ

  • Yes, we are fully SOC 2 Type II compliant as of July, 2014
  • Regarding GDPR and CCPA, the company has…
  • You can visit our [trust page](www.qualified.com/trust) to read all about it...

Day of the Week

  • Hooray... we made it to Friday 🎉 Want to chat conversational marketing before the weekend? 

Your Special Sauce

  • Conversational marketing is all about creating magic moments on the website to wow your buyers 🔮 Human here ... want to see it in action?


  • I see you’re looking at Qualified X. Pretty cool right? Interested in seeing how it works?
  • Would you like to see a detailed demo?  Here’s a [quick 3 minute tour](www.qualified.com/product)

Demo Offers

  • The way we do demos are either 15 min high-level overviews, or an hour long custom demo. the latter will require a 30-min pre-call to gather your business inputs. Which sounds right for your business today?

Key Content Sends

  • Here's a copy of the [Speed to Lead PDF](https://www.qualified.com/speed-to-lead-book) 📘 Enjoy!

Support Deflection

  • It appears you need help from our support team.  Here’s a link to….

Offer a Meeting

  • Why don’t we get that scheduled? Please pick a time that works best for you... 
  • Let’s get the next steps on the books! Please choose a time that works for your calendar.

Offer a Call

  • Are you available to have a quick voice call so I can help you quicker? We can do that right here...
  • I am available via a call if you prefer to talk this over?  I can call you right over the website...

Business Benefits

  • By using Qualified, you’ll be able to have immediate conversations with website visitors.  Our standard lead conversion improvement is +30% and Lead to Oppty conversion is +62%. Want to learn more?

Open Opportunity

  • Welcome back, XXX. I see you’re working with XXX from our team. I’ll be down here ↘️ if you have any questions as you browse! 
  • How was your demo with XXX this morning? I’m here if you have any questions!

Closed/Lost Opportunity

  • Welcome back, XXX. Curious to see what’s new in the Qualified product? 


  • Thanks for being an amazing Qualified customer! Let me know if you want to chat with anyone on our support team, they’re always standing by to help...

Target Account

  • Welcome XXX! I’m the dedicated rep for your account. I know you run your sales engine on Salesforce. Thinking of adding chat to the mix?

Referral = Social

  • ✌️ Hey there! Thanks for checking out our LinkedIn post! Know much about Qualified?

Referral = SEM

  • Thanks for checking out Qualified! Looks like you’re searching for a platform that does (keyword A and B)... you’ve come to the right spot!

Interview Candidate

  • Thanks for checking out Qualified careers! Did you hear we were rated #1 Best Place to Work in the Bay Area? Anyway, I’m here to chat if you have any questions!

Annoying Visitor

  • Unfortunately I can’t help you with that. Thank you for your interest in Qualified.

Not only should you be sure to create the ones that help you sell, but also the ones that help you deflect! Sales Reps are usually juggling a lot at once and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to focus on generating pipeline.

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