Adding and Removing Users from Routing

Adding and Removing Users from Routing


In this guide, learn how to keep Qualified users up to date with your changing team by adding and removing users from Routing.

Some day that the only constant is change and that includes your Qualified routing rules! Routing drives a large amount of functionality in Qualified, most particularly whether visitors are chatting with the right sales reps quickly and efficiently.

A few reminders before we jump in:

  • Routing rules are ordered, so visitors will always be routed based on the top-ranked rule they match.
  • Each routing rule contains a set of filters that define which visitors are routed and to whom. This also includes routing with Outreach or Salesloft, Salesforce ownership and more.

So, you’ve maybe made some changes to your sales teams. First, check the routing rule and confirm who is set to be routed visitors from a specific rule. In most cases, we recommend using User groups as it provides an easy way to keep your rules the same, but swap users in and out.

Rather route to all users or a specific user? Change the routing rule to match the logic that you’d like.

Still have questions or trying to troubleshoot a specific routing rule, reach out to the Qualified Support team here.

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