Advanced Conversation Tactics

Advanced Conversation Tactics


In this guide, check out our advanced conversations tactics to keep prospects engaged while chatting on your website.

Having a conversation with friends and family might come naturally to some of us, but it can feel different depending on who you’re talking to. When you’re chatting with prospects, you might approach it with a different game plan in mind.

You already know that you should be keeping things in mind like being quick and personalized - but how about conversational? What’s that look like? It’s a little bit more than just greeting visitors with a smile, using emojis and being super helpful. 

Here are 3 🔥 tips that we at Qualified think make sense when chatting with prospects on your website..

TIP #1:

Think about the questions you’re asking your visitor and what the values might be for the answer. If you can’t reasonably think of all (or most of) the possible answers.. that question might be tricky to answer. Let’s look at a more familiar example. Which question do you think is easier to answer?

  • What do you want for dinner?
  • I want Thai food for dinner. Do you want to go to Thai 5 or Surin Thai? 

The second one right? When you’re chatting with website visitors, make it as easy as possible for them to answer the question.

TIP #2:

When your visitor asks you a question that you don’t immediately have the answer to, you’ll have to go and find it right? As you’re doing that - it’s the perfect time to throw in a qualifying question from your end. Check out the conversation below ⬇️

It comes across as conversational and friendly and- hey you’re qualifying visitors too! WIN WIN 🎉

TIP #3:

Send multiple messages - not just one. Don’t forget, you aren’t limited to just one pounce! There are a few reasons to send multiple messages.

For one, it just seems more conversational. Think also about how you text your friends. “Hey! How’s it going? Are you free later?” often gets broken out. 


“How’s it going?”

“Are you free later?”

This style of communication seems more natural and friendly.

The other reason you might send multiple messages rather than just one is to let visitors have time to think of a question. Ever been asked if you needed help and you didn't? But then they come back up to you in 3 minutes and  bam - now you have a question! This happens all the time. Maybe someone checking out your website didn’t have a question until they started watching your latest keynote. 🤷

Keep it friendly and conversational but remember to stop after about 3 or so messages if they don’t reply. We don’t want them to feel like they can’t browse the website on their own time! 

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