An Introduction to Qualified Video

An Introduction to Qualified Video


In this guide, get a quick introduction to how you can leverage Qualified Video for chatting with visitors live on your website.

Qualified Video allows sales reps and visitors to have real-time video conversations right on the site. Video allows you to deliver a modern, frictionless and personalized buying experience to your prospects right on your website.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step you’ll take is to make yourself available for voice & video by toggling on ENABLE VOICE AND VIDEO CHAT.

If your voice and video chat is toggled on you will be available for voice & video. Once engaging in chat, a visitor will see a voice/video callbox at the top of the Qualified messenger - both you & the visitor could potentially start a voice/ video conversation. If your voice and video chat is toggled off, you are not available to engage in or take a video chat. 

You wouldn’t FaceTime your friend with out letting them know first right? Prior to engaging in a video call, we recommend introducing the video call feature to the website visitor like shown in the photo below.

Once you’ve aligned on hopping on a video call, the visitor should then click the Microphone and Video icons in their messenger window to turn on their own camera and microphone.

🎉You’ve done it! Now you’re having a real time face to face conversation, RIGHT ON YOUR WEBSITE.

By the way- the first time you or the visitor join a call, Qualified will ask for permission to access the microphone and camera. Once granted, the call begins. Be careful - don’t navigate away from this conversation! If you do that, the call will drop immediately!

Video calls are a fantastic way to have quicker and richer qualification! Most buyers in the B2B space jump on zoom calls every day for work so this is just making this process easier for everyone. 

Unfortunately, you might encounter annoying visitors to your website - by chat or by video. You can quickly block visitors by clicking the menu button in the top-right of your conversation and clicking block. More information can be found in this university article.

When you've mastered the basics - check out this guide on how to use video strategically.

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