Avoid Wasting Time Sending Emails To People Who Aren't Buying

Avoid Wasting Time Sending Emails To People Who Aren't Buying


In this guide, learn how to get the most out of Qualified as an Outbound Sales Rep

Did you know that the Pipeline Cloud is a powerful tool for outbound reps too?

Check out the video above to see what Daniel Regis, Qualified Outbound Sales Manager, has to say about how his team leverages the Pipeline Cloud to the fullest extent.

The Pipeline Cloud shows you buyer intent data that prioritizes who your reps should be engaging with and when they should engage. To quote Daniel, “I can’t believe I used to send random emails out to prospects and just hope someone would reply!” 

Time is one thing that Sales Reps just don’t have. Amidst calling, replying to website visitors, sending LinkedIn messages (and so much more!) Sales Reps have to figure out how to allocate their time and structure their days in a way that’s actually going to help them reach their quota. 

By using what we call the “Cup of Coffee” dashboard, outbound sales reps start their day by taking a look at buying intent for various accounts. If an account is “Hot” (they’ve been checking out your company a lot!) or “Surging” (they’ve been checking out your company more lately!) ... quick it’s time to reach out to them!

When you’re ready to build your own “Cup of Coffee” dashboard  ➡️ check out this article.

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